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Improve productivity with curtain walls.

Are there times you need to temporarily partition your warehouse? There is an alternative to permanent walls. Curtain walls are a quick and easy way to section off a particular part of a warehouse, plant, or any type of workplace. SoftWall curtain partitions can be used for a variety of purposes in many different industrial sectors and provide a suitable alternative to wire partitioning. The possible uses are numerous, but here are the most common ways that curtain walls can work for you.

Uses for curtain walls include:

  • Curtain WallsClimate control. Curtain walls can help to control warehouse climates, either from the outside elements or in situations where food may need to be refrigerated while handled.
  • Containment. When work being done creates dust or fumes, SoftWall curtain partitions keep it contained.
  • Noise control. Noisy work areas can be partitioned off to keep the overall workspace quieter.
  • Welding. Curtain walls are ideal for keeping welding areas separated for obvious safety concerns.
  • Quarantining. In medical facilities, SoftWall curtain partitions can be used to create quarantined areas to stop the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Food processing. Partitions are particularly useful in preventing cross-contamination of foods in plants and warehouses.
  • Some of the benefits of curtain walls are:
  • Safer working environment. Containing dust and fumes creates a safer workplace for all employees. Those working within the partitioned area should have the proper ventilation, breathing, and eye protection.
  • Protect Products. Climate control keeps food from spoiling and avoids cross-contamination of foods, which means a decrease in product loss.
  • Improve heating and cooling. It is easier to keep the desired indoor temperature consistent with the use of curtain walls to temporarily close off your warehouse from the outdoors.
  • Save money. All of the above benefits will save you money by avoiding worker injury and illness, preventing product loss, and lowering energy costs for heating and cooling. The temporary nature of SoftWall curtain partitions makes them much more affordable and also reusable, saving your business significant funds.

We carry the following types of curtain walls:

  • Aircraft partitions
  • Aluminum bay
  • Body shop curtains
  • Food processing curtains
  • Hazmat curtains
  • Industrial curtains
  • Outdoor curtains
  • Privacy safety screens
  • Roll-up curtains
  • Room divider curtains
  • Stock curtains
  • Wash bay curtains
  • Woodworking curtains
  • Air compressor screens
  • Sound control screens
  • Sound curtains
  • Welding screens
  • Welding curtains

With all the amazing benefits of curtain walls, there is no doubt that your business will improve. From saving money to convenience, you will find this product to be extremely helpful in your warehouse, factory, plant, or workplace. Contact us at Carolina Material Handling Inc. for more information.

At Carolina Material Handling Inc., we supply curtain walls to businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Illinois, Virginia, and Georgia.

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