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A Guide to Drum Handling Equipment

Advantages of Modular Offices

Drum Lifters:

Drum lifters are essential tools for safely lifting and moving heavy drums. These devices come in various designs to accommodate different types of products.

Drum Dollies:

Drum dollies are wheeled platforms designed to transport drums smoothly and efficiently. They come in various configurations, including single, double, and triple drum dollies, to accommodate different storage and transportation needs.

Drum Dispensers:

Drum dispensers are specialized equipment used for the controlled dispensing of drum contents, such as liquids, powders, and granules. These devices are equipped with pumps, valves, or faucets that allow operators to dispense precise amounts of material.

Drum Handling Accessories:

In addition to lifters, dollies, and dispensers, there are various accessories available to enhance drum handling efficiency and safety. This includes drum wrenches, drum cradles, and drum funnels.

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