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Wire Partitions, Cages, and Rack Backing

Solutions to Protect Employees, Property, and Equipment

Do you have a need to partition off certain areas of your workspace? Wire partitions offer safety and security in many workplaces. They are an affordable way to section off parts of a warehouse or create lockable storage areas to protect property and workers. The different uses and possibilities are endless.

Wire Storage Cages are Versatile and Affordable

If your business requires the storage of items under lock and key, wire storage cages are ideal. More affordable than building solid walls, wire cage material allows for airflow in and out of the storage area for easy climate control. Some uses for wire storage cages include:

  • DEA drug storage. DEA controlled substance wire storage cages meet all US Drug Enforcement Administration’s security requirements for Schedule III through V controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections 1301.72-1301.76 physical security controls. These cages are used for medical facilities, drug warehouses, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, record storage, and more. Wire storage cages are equipped with self-closing and self-locking doors and heavy-duty design.
  • Storage lockers. Our wire storage lockers provide versatile and safe storage for retail, industry, and tenants and are perfect to help reduce inventory shrinkage in industrial and commercial settings. The heavy duty construction make our lockers more durable than sheet metal lockers. The 10-gauge wire mesh gives them a nice finished look and allows for cutouts when necessary. The mesh is welded to the frame to prevent any potential injuries that exposed mesh can cause. Our wire mesh also provides full visibility and circulation of air, light, and heat, thus giving little to no interference with to fire suppressant systems.
  • Data Center Wire Enclosures. The 6-gauge welded wire cage material is both sturdy and attractive, with varying colors, features, and security measures to meet your needs. Whether for shared data center environments or independent networking facilities at corporate offices and universities, these enclosures offer the highest level of security. Partitions are modular, allowing for easy reconfiguration by simply adding or removing doors and panels in your existing system.
  • Holding cells. These holding cell partitions are used to build prisoner holding cells in correctional and detention centers across the country. The versatility of the wire partitioning system makes it easy to configure cells to meet your needs. The unique design prevents access to hardware from the secure side of the enclosure.

Wire Partitions Aid in Organization and Inventory Control

  • Wire Partitions. Designed for the commercial and industrial marketplace, modular steel systems provide safety, security, and separation. Mesh is securely welded inside sturdy frames to create single wire partition panels, which are bolted to square posts to create strong modular enclosures. Stacking panels and stock posts allow you to design partitions to suit your needs. Wire partitions are ideal for tool cages, maintenance equipment cages, and general storage cages.
  • Machine Guarding. Wire enclosures provide an additional level of protection that is attractive and versatile, while remaining compliant with OSHA and Robotics Industry standards. The complete guarding system makes it easy to arrange and expand enclosures quickly. With a variety of sizes, styles, and options, you can create the configuration that best suits your workplace.

Wire Cage Material Offers Pallet Rack Protection

  • Rack Back Panels. Improve warehouse safety with rack back safety panels. Quick and easy to install, these panels prevent spillage and protect your workers and equipment from falling items. With durable all-welded angle frames, the wire mesh panels bolt directly onto your existing pallet rack uprights, creating a barrier between stored items and the floor.
  • Pallet Rack Enclosures. Secure the contents of your pallet racks and prevent inventory shrinkage with pallet rack enclosures. Existing pallet racks can be completely enclosed in wire mesh panels with access doors on the front side to control access and help prevent theft of high value inventory. Modular wire mesh panels are quick and easy to install.

Wire storage cages and partitions offer a wide range of options for storage, safety, and security in your workplace. Order online or call (800) 822-8833 to speak with a sales associate about wire cage material options.