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Our team offers sturdy wire partition security cages to help you keep your equipment or inventory safe.

At Carolina Material Handling Inc., we have extensive experience in handling the logistics of transporting and storing a wide variety of materials, including potentially hazardous ones. If you need to store hazardous materials such as caustic chemicals or medication or sensitive equipment such as servers, then you will need to take precautions to control who is able to enter that area of your workplace. To help you do this, we offer high-quality wire partition security cages.

Wire Partition Security Cages

A few examples of what our wire partition security cages can be used for include:

  • Drug Storage – As we alluded to above, regulations for storing controlled substances like medication require the use of sturdy partitions. Our wire partition security cages comply with all DEA regulations for storing Schedule III through V substances, and they are equipped with self-locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the area.
  • Secure Storage – You can also use our wire partition security cages to store any other inventory items you want to protect. The heavy-duty construction of our wire cages makes them stronger than sheet metal lockers, and the open mesh allows for easy circulation of air, improving climate control and ensuring fire suppression systems can function as intended.
  • Data Center Security – Our wire partition security cages also make a great enclosure for data centers and the expensive, delicate equipment stored inside. If you need to keep a lot of electronic equipment in one place for any reason, we encourage you to enclose everything in one of our wire cages to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering.

To learn more about our wire partition security cages and their applications, simply give us a call.

At Carolina Material Handling Inc., we supply wire partition security cages to businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Illinois, Virginia, and Georgia.