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We offer a wide range of industrial casters to suit just about any application you can think of.

At Carolina Material Handling Inc., we have extensive experience in providing supplies and equipment to industrial clients. One of the most ubiquitous (and therefore most important) components we offer is industrial casters, which are used to make it easier to move supplies and equipment around.

Total Lock Brake Swivel Caster with Orange Ergo Wheel

Our team offers customers a complete line of light duty, medium duty, medium-heavy duty, general, v-groove, and heavy-duty industrial casters in many different sizes and load capacities. Whether you need to move ladders, racks, supply carts, heavy equipment, or anything else, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our selection of industrial casters. All you will need to do is tell us about how you plan to use your new casters, and then we will determine which weight capacity you will need and continue from there.

In addition, you have the choice of several finish options, such as powder coat, steel, and plating when you buy our industrial casters. Each finish option is designed to withstand a different set of environmental stressors, and you can count on us to help you determine which finish is best for your work environment. When it comes to industrial casters and other types of material handling supplies, we have something that is sure to fit all your needs.

If you have questions about industrial casters or any of our other options, we encourage you to give us a call—we’ll be happy to provide more information and give you the answers you need to make the right choice.

At Carolina Material Handling Inc., we supply industrial casters to businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Illinois, Virginia, and Georgia.

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