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Are you in need of steadfast stability for your equipment or furniture? Look no further than Carolina Material Handling Inc., your one-stop destination for premium rigid casters designed to provide unmatched durability and reliability. Whether you’re maneuvering heavy machinery in an industrial setting or seeking to stabilize your furniture, our extensive selection of rigid casters has you covered.

Our Product Range

  • Industrial Rigid Casters: Built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, our industrial rigid casters offer unparalleled strength and stability for heavy-duty applications.
  • Furniture Rigid Casters: Whether you’re updating your furniture or embarking on a DIY project, our furniture rigid casters provide the stability and support you need for smooth movement and easy positioning.
  • Heavy-Duty Rigid Casters: When it comes to moving heavy loads with precision and control, our heavy-duty rigid casters are up to the task. Trust in the reliability and durability of our casters for your most demanding applications.
  • Specialty Rigid Casters: From low-profile options to high-temperature-resistant casters, our specialty rigid casters are designed to meet the unique needs of specific industries and environments.

Rigid casters are essential components designed to provide stability and support to a wide range of equipment, carts, racks, and furniture. Unlike swivel casters, rigid casters do not rotate around a vertical axis, meaning they move only in a straight line. This fixed orientation offers excellent stability and load-bearing capacity, making rigid casters ideal for applications where precise directionality and control are required.

Features and Benefits of Rigid Casters:

  • Stability: Rigid casters are known for their stability, offering a fixed direction of movement that prevents swiveling or turning. This stability is crucial for applications where maintaining a straight path is essential.
  • Load Capacity: Rigid casters are designed to bear heavy loads with ease. Their robust construction and sturdy materials ensure reliable performance even under the most demanding conditions.
  • Precise Directionality: With rigid casters, you can precisely control the direction of movement, making them ideal for applications where straight-line motion is required.
  • Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, rigid casters are constructed from high-quality materials that resist wear, corrosion, and impact, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Versatility: Available in various sizes, materials, and configurations, rigid casters can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications, from industrial machinery to furniture and beyond.