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Are you searching for the perfect swivel casters to enhance the maneuverability of your equipment? Look no further! At Carolina Material Handling Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality swivel casters suitable for various applications. Whether you need casters for industrial equipment, furniture, carts, or any other purpose, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our Product Range

  • Industrial Swivel Casters: Designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions, our industrial swivel casters are perfect for use in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings.
  • Furniture Swivel Casters: Add mobility to your furniture with our range of furniture swivel casters. Whether you’re updating existing furniture or embarking on a DIY project, we have the perfect casters for you.
  • Heavy-Duty Swivel Casters: When it comes to moving heavy equipment or machinery, reliability is key. Our heavy-duty swivel casters are built to handle the toughest tasks with ease.
  • Specialty Swivel Casters: From low-profile casters to corrosion-resistant options, our specialty swivel casters are designed to meet the unique needs of specific industries and applications.


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