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We are your source for high-quality wire decking.

Wire DeckingWire decking for pallet rack storage systems provides a safe, effective way to store pallets, boxes, drums, and other materials on your pallet rack. When installed on a pallet rack, wire decking helps improve fire safety by allowing sprinkler water to flow through the rack system. Wire decking also provides a safe, secure surface for the forklift operator to safely load and unload pallets onto the pallet rack.

Wire decking is easy to install and the options we carry at Carolina Material Handling Inc. are very affordable. We can ship 40 decks per pallet, shrink-wrapped  and sent directly to your warehouse without any damage.

We are the largest stocking dealer in North Carolina for the biggest wire decking manufacturer in the industry,  Nashville Wire Products. These are the highest-quality wire decks available at the best price, and we always have them ready to ship.

Not sure which type of wire decking is best for your application? Work with one of our representatives to explore your options and make a choice. We are always available to help with this process and help you make an informed decision about your wire decking needs.

We carry all sizes of wire decks in our warehouses across the country, so we can ship your wire decks to you quickly and at the best possible pricing. For more information about our wire decking options, reach out to us today.