Our Recommendations for Picking Lift Equipment for Any Operation

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Our Recommendations for Picking Lift Equipment for Any OperationIn any warehousing or manufacturing setting, having access to the right lift equipment is essential. Because no two facilities are the same in terms of layout, material handling requirements, or size, selecting the right lift equipment requires an intensive selection process.

If you are currently in the process of choosing new lift equipment for your operation, we highly recommend considering the following factors:

  • Nature of the loads—When choosing lift equipment, one of the most important factors to consider is the nature of the loads being carried. For example, when lifting boxes, bags, or sheets, each requires different components and tools to complete the process successfully and safely.
  • Worker safety—When choosing new lift equipment, minimizing accident risk is an essential part of the selection process. With the right lift equipment, you can reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries as well as serious accidents.
  • Traffic patterns—Take into account the basic path goods travel when going between your storage racks and the point of delivery. Determine if loads need to be lifted or tilted at any point, the average volume of the goods being moved from one place to another, and the most efficient methods for transporting your goods around your facility.
  • Space requirements—The lift equipment you choose must align with the size of your workspace as seamlessly as possible. Consider the height and width limitations of your facility and your maneuverability and reach requirements.
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