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Drum Handling Equipment

If your business requires the moving, storing, and pouring of drums, the proper equipment can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Using the right drum handling equipment will also improve workflow and worker safety. Consider the benefits and features of the different types of industrial material handling equipment to find the right items for your needs.

The Benefits of Using Drum Handling Equipment:

  • Safer workplace. Full drums are heavy and are often filled with hazardous liquids. Moving them can be difficult for a worker or multiple workers to move manually, and attempting to do so can lead to injuries, accidents, and spills. Using the proper drum handling equipment makes the work easier, which protects employees and creates a safe workspace.
  • Greater efficiency. Drum handling equipment makes moving and pouring drums much easier. When workers don’t have to struggle through the handling of drums, it means they can do the job faster and get more done in the same amount of time.
  • Increased productivity. When workers are able to handle drums easily, more work is completed at a faster rate. You can expect a significant increase in productivity, meaning your business can produce more and accomplish more during the workday.
  • Monetary gains. Your business will be more profitable because of all of the above. Avoiding worker injury, greater efficiency, increased productivity —all of these allow you to save money and make more money for your business.

Choosing the Best Drum Handling Equipment for your Workplace

Every business is different and will have different drum handling needs. CMH offers the following types of drum handling equipment:
  • Drum transporters are made to aid in the ergonomic handling of all types of industrial pails and drums.
  • Portable drum jacks are compact and ergonomic. The grapple system holds the drum into the steel saddle securely before lifting it up. The drum is held in an upright position during movement, which allows for the transport of open drums without worrying about spillage.
  • Drum lifter/rotator/transporter is a three-in-one device. This equipment comes with a hand pump that can lift drums from ground level to a height of 68 inches. The hand gear maintains the controlled 360-degree rotation of the drum. It also comes equipped with a floor lock that will stabilize 55-gallon steel, plastic and fiber drums.
  • Rotating drum carts can handle loads up to 1,000 pounds. The rotating drum trolley features two retractable handles for easy one-person operation. The steel handle is included to securely hold the drum during tipping, helping you to keep drum content mixed.
  • Combination drum and hand trucks serve a dual purpose. The curved frame accommodates 5 gallon pails and kegs and can handle loads up to 800 pounds. If you are constantly moving drums and other equipment by hand, this equipment will save a lot of time and energy.
  • Drum clutchers latch around the drum and are used with cranes or fork lifts. The safety latch secures the drum when it is in motion. The clutcher is made of heavy steel to allow for a durable transport.
Contact Carolina Material Handling at (800) 822-8833 to learn more about the types of drum handling equipment that can help your business run more effectively. Knowledgeable sales associates will help you find the best equipment for your business.  

Material Handling Safety-Conscious Drum Lifter Hoist Attachment (86)

Use the below-the-hook barrel lifter to transport drums in an upright position. Drums are supported on a bar under the drum and secured with a positive grip cinch chain and ratchet mechanism around the drum. This lifter attaches to your monorail, crane, or chain block. You can also attach the barrel lift to your forklift using a fork hook.

Where this Drum Lifter is Used?

  • Docks and Mezzanines
  • Oil Rigs and Other Marine Applications
  • Construction Sites

Safely Handle a Variety of Drums:

  • Steel, Fiber or Plastic Drums
  • 23″ to 38″ (58.4 to 96.5 cm) Tall Drums
  • 22″ to 23.5″ (55.9 to 59.7 cm) Diameter Drums
  • Also Accepts Diameter Adaptors for Various Smaller Drum Sizes


1,000 Lb. (454 kg)

Product Weight: 50 Lb. (22.7 kg)
Product Dimensions without Drum:
L25.5″ W16″ H49.25″ (64.8 x 41 x 125 cm)

Domestic ship weight: 61 Lb. (28 kg)
Domestic ship dimensions: L28″ W18″ H30″ (71 x 46 x 76 cm)

Standard-Duty Forklift-Karrier (285a)

Handle almost any Drum:

  • Drum Holder Automatically Cinches for 22″ to 23.5″ (56 to 59.7 cm) Diameter Drums
  • Accepts MORCINCH TM Options to Handle Plastic Drums
  • Accepts Diameter Adaptors for Smaller Drums
  • Includes Safety Covered Gears for your Protection
  • Has Durable Stress-Relief Weld Joints to provide Years of Service
  • Cinch Chain has Flexible Chain Cover to Help Protect Drum Sidewall
  • Polyester Web Strap and Ratchet Option

800 Lb. (363 kg) Full 55-gallon steel drum
500 Lb. (227 kg) Half-full drum*

Requires 25″ between forks, as fork pocket openings are 25″ (63.5 cm) apart. Each opening is 2.5″ (6.35 cm) high by 6.5″ (16.5 cm) wide.

Domestic Ship Weight: 161 Lb. (73 kg)

Domestic Ship Dimensions: L 42″ W 34″ H 23″ (107 x 87 x 59 cm)

Multi-Purpose 4-Wheel Drum Truck (160)

Industrial Drum Trucks for Moving and Dispensing from Various Drums

  • A drum 14″ to 28″ (36 to 71 cm) in diameter
  • A drum 31″ to 41″ (79 to 104 cm) tall
  • 55-gallon (210 liter) steel drum
  • 30-gallon (114 liter) steel drum
  • 85-gallon (320 liter) salvage or “overpack” drum
  • Rimmed plastic drum
  • Fiber drum with sufficient rim recess on top for hook engagement

Use this Drum Truck to:

  • Easily Move and Turn Drums
  • Pour Barrel or Drum
  • Move through Narrow Aisles with Hands Protected inside the U-shaped Knuckle Saving Handle
  • Move Drum on and off Pallets


Drum Truck Features:

  • Drum Truck Stands Alone on 4 Wheels Holding the Drum’s Full Weight. Does NOT Require that you Support or Balance Drum.
  • Chime Hook Engages Upper Rim to Aid in Pulling Drum onto Drum Truck
  • U-shaped Knuckle Saving Handle Keeps Hands Protected inside the Frame
  • Extendable Support Prop Stabilizes the Drum Truck in Dispensing Position Enabling Upright Storage. (NOTE: depends on model)
  • Four Large 8″ (20.3 cm) MORTUF Polyolefin Roller Bearing Wheels Carry the Load
  • Wide, Rounded Forged Steel Toes Ease Loading and also Protect the Drum


1,000 Lb. (454 kg)

Drum Truck Dimensions:
Frame is 63″ (160 cm) long
Wheel base is 20″ (51 cm) wide
Stands upright in 20″ x 20″ (51 x 51 cm) space

Ships Boxed:
Domestic ship weight: 79 Lb. (35.8 kg)
Domestic ship dimensions: L25″ W21″ H35″ (64 x 54 x 89 cm)

Drum Mixers – Portable Drum Rollers (201/20-1)

Use Common Steel Drum for Mixing

  • No permanent container to purge between batches
  • Use separate drum for each batch


Roll Sealed Drums to Blend or Mix Contents

Agitate the drum’s contents without opening the drum! Incorporate important stratified ingredients and eliminate sediment in the bottom of the drum. Mixing in closed drums eliminates the hazards, exposure, and cleanup associated with insertion mixers.

This compact, portable mixer and drum cradle roll closed drums to agitate the contents. You can also dispense directly from the drum via a faucet. The built in tipping bar provides leverage to aid loading and unloading. Sides and back are enclosed to protect the drive.

Drum Roller Capacity:
Liquid Contents: 500 Lb. (227 kg)
Dry Contents: 300 Lb. (136 kg)

Product Weight: 50 Lb. (22.7 kg)
Product Dimensions without Drum:
L25.5″ W16″ H49.25″ (64.8 x 41 x 125 cm)

Domestic ship weight: 197 Lb. (90 kg)
Domestic ship dimensions: L38″ W25″ H21″ (97 x 64 x 53 cm)

Drum Transporters / Palletizers / Movers (82h)

Transport Drums and Move Rimmed Drums On and Off Pallets up to 19″ High.

  • Lift and transport drums and barrels.
  • Move drums on and off pallets, spill containment pallets in upright position, and drum dollies.
  • Lift an upright drum 19″ (48.3 cm) high.


The V-Shaped base of these drum movers allows you to raise and place a drum at the corner of pallets. The base of the drum mover will straddle a pallet up to 41″ (104 cm) wide and 7″ (18 cm) tall.

Equip your drum transporter with Power-Lift Options for more ergonomic means to raise drums. Drum movers are available with AC, DC or Air power-lift options. Model 82H-125 drum transporter / palletizer shown has battery-powered lift. It is supplied with a separate charger.

Lift and Move an Upright Drum

These drum movers and palletizers / depalletizers have jaws to grip the top rim of upright drums, allowing you to efficiently lift a drum onto and off pallets and transport as needed. The completely mechanical, automatic grip has wide jaws and is built to last.

  • Handle virtually any rimmed steel, fiber, or plastic drum.
  • Transport, palletize, and depalletize various diameter drums
  • Raise drum up to 19″ (48.3 cm) from floor
  • Place or retrieve a drum at the corner of pallets
  • Straddle a pallet up to 41″ (104 cm) wide and 7″ (18 cm) tall
  • Capacity: 1,000 Lb. (454 kg)
  • Requires a drum to be a minimum of 22.5″ (57.15 cm) tall
  • Dimensions of drum movers / palletizers


Overall width: 48.5″ (123.2 cm)
Overall length: 43″ (109.2 cm)
Legs are 9″ (22.9 cm) high and reach 20.75″ (52.7 cm) in front of upright stanchion
Turning radius: 53″ (135 cm)
(2) 4″ (10.2 cm) swivel casters at back
(2) 6″ (15.2 cm) wheels at front
Counterweighted for stability

Drum Spotter – Drum Palletizer (81)

Move drum to and from pallets

This innovative drum handler is designed to easily move rimmed 55-gallon (210 liter) drums on and off pallets up to 6″ high. This is an ergonomic, easy to use, and economical way to transport drums around your facility.

Simple to operate

  • Roll the Drum Spotter / Drum Palletizer to your drum
  • Lift handle so hooks engage below the drum rim
  • Lower handle to raise drum. Length of handle provides leverage to lift heavy drum.
  • Once drum is raised, ratchets maintain handle position
  • Drum stays upright to wheel away
  • Base has built-in counterweight for stability
  • Transport drum to place on pallet or on floor
  • Moves easily on


6″ (15 cm) polyolefin wheels at front
4″ (10 cm) rear swivel casters for easy steering

  • Capacity: 800 Lb. (363 kg)


Designed for use with rimmed drums

  • 22″ to 23.5″ (56 to 60 cm) diameter
  • 34″ to 36″ (86 to 92 cm) tall
  • Closed 55-gallon (210 liter) steel tight-head or removable top drum
  • Many popular 55-gallon plastic drums
  • Many fiber drums with clamp-on lids
  • Maximum pallet height: 6″ (15 cm)

4-Wheel Drum Truck for Rough Terrain (160-WP)

Drum Truck for moving drums across rough terrains with Pneumatic Wheels (inflated tires) mounted outside the frame for extra stability

The 4 wheels are mounted outside this drum truck’s frame to provide a wider, more stable base. The inflated tires help ease the truck over rough terrain.

Ergonomic Drum Trucks to move and dispense heavy drums with ease.

The innovative design of this 4-wheel drum truck provides extra safety, ease of use, and versatility.

With this ergonomic drum truck, you can load and unload heavy drums with ease and move drums quickly and easily through narrow aisles while also keeping your hands protected inside the U-shaped Knuckle Saving Handle. Even pour a drum into a 5-gallon (20 liter) container. The four wheels fully support the drum’s weight and make maneuvering easy. It turns on a dime, and you don’t have to support or balance the load.

With a drum truck, you engage the upper drum rim and and pull the handle to tilt the drum toward you. Then the two “toes” of the drum truck fit under the curvature of your drum to support it from underneath. No need to tip the drum away from you to slide a base plate underneath. You can then move a drum onto and off pallets, and position a drum for dispensing. When you’re done, the drum truck stands upright by itself for space saving storage.


  • Frame is 63.375″ (161 cm) long
  • Wheel base is 27.25″ (69.2 cm) wide
  • Each tire has 10″ (25.4 cm) diameter, and is 3.75″ (9.5 cm) wide
  • 10.75″ (27.3 cm) between front and back axles
  • Ships Boxed
  • Domestic ship weight: 88 Lb. (40 kg)
  • Domestic ship dimensions: L29″ W25″ H35″ (74 x 64 x 89 cm)

Below-Hook Drum Carrier to lift and dispense your 55-gallon drum (185A)

Drum Carrier Features

This below-hook drum carrier allows you to lift, move, and pour drums weighing up to 800 Lb. (363 kg), or half-full drums up to 500 Lb. (227 kg). This model is equipped with the MORCINCH Drum Holder to handle 55-gallon steel drums with 22″ to 23.5″ (56 to 59.7 cm) outside diameter between the ribs. It also accepts MORCINCH Options to handle virtually any drum on the market.

It’s a Cinch to handle almost any drum with the MORcinch Drum Handling System

Drum Handling System

  • Drum holder automatically cinches for 22″ to 23.5″ (56 to 59.7 cm) diameter drum
  • Accepts MORCINCH TM Options to handle your plastic drum
  • Accepts Diameter Adaptors for your smaller drums
  • Includes safety covered gears for your protection
  • Has durable stress-relief weld joints for years of service
  • Cinch chain has flexible chain cover to help protect drum sidewall
  • Polyester Web Strap and Ratchet Option


Each Morse below-hook drum handler ships with a Load Test Certificate.

Capacity: 800 Lb. (363 kg)
Handle: 55-gallon (210 liter) steel drum 22″ to 23.5″ O.D. (56 to 59.7 cm O.D.)

Forklift Attachment with Battery Power Tilt (285A-BP)

Model 285A-BP Forklift-Karrier for 1500 Lb. drum

Forklift attachment with battery power tilt to move and pour drums. Converts your fork truck into a drum handler. Battery Power Tilt control decreases effort while increasing productivity. Also available with Wireless Tilt Control Option.

This model forklift attachment provides 180 degree battery powered controlled tilt to fully invert drums in 15 seconds. The 10 foot (3 m) long pendant reaches to the forklift operator and has two push buttons to tilt drums forward and back.

The tilt function is powered by a rechargeable 12V deep cycle battery. The battery and charger are provided with the forklift attachment. The drum holder has cinch chain and ratchet tightener to secure the drum in the holder.

1,500 Lb. (681 kg) Full 55-gallon (210 liter) steel drum
800 Lb. (364 kg) Half-full drum

MORSPEED 1000TM Forklift Attachment to Lift and Move a Drum (286-1)

Forklift Attachment with 1000 Lb. (454 kg) Capacity

The MORSPEED 1000TM forklift drum grabbers / movers are a safety conscious way to handle drums.

  • Lift, move, and place rimmed drums right from your forklift
  • Mounts on forks in seconds without tools
  • Safety chain secures unit to carriage of lift truck
  • Raise forks to grip drums
  • Steel jaws grip upper rim of drums
  • Requires drums of at least 50 Lb. (23 kg)
  • MORSPEED 1000TM head adjusts for handling drums down to 15″ (38 cm) tall


The MORSPEED 1000TM forklift attachment allows you to grab, lift, move, and place drums in minimum time without leaving fork truck. Raise and lower forks to grab and release the drum.

The steel jaws are contoured to securely grasp a drum’s upper rim. They are completely mechanical and automatic. They grip on the way up by engaging the lower jaw under the drum rim and continuing to lift. They release when weight is taken off the jaws by setting the drum on the floor, pallet, etc. The forklift operator just raises and lowers the forks and drives forward and back as necessary.

MORSPEED 1000TM drum handlers work with straight walled drums or even deformed ribs, since they do not depend on the drum ribs or friction. They do not require any modification to your truck.

MORSPEED 1000TM Forklift attachments handle virtually any rimmed drum

  • Steel drum with closed head, or removable top on and secure
  • Rimmed plastic drum with non-removable top, or removable top on and secure
  • Fiber drum with top on and metal clamp ring closure secured
  • Will work with any diameter drum
  • Requires 15″ (38 cm) minimum drum height
  • Requires drum weight of at least 50 Lb. (23 kg) to actuate jaws and begin the gripping action
  • Works with or without pallets


Dimensions of MORSpeed Forklift Drum Handlers
Requires 16.5″ (41.9 cm) between forks, as fork pocket openings are 16.5″ apart.
Each fork pocket opening is 2.5″ high by 6.5″ wide (16.5 x 6.35 cm).
Fork pockets are 26-5/8″ deep (67.6 cm)

Drum Rotators / Drum Rollers / Drum Turners Hydra-Lift Drum Rotators (456 Series)

Our Morse Hydra-Lift Drum Rotators lift and roll your closed drums to mix and blend contents. The built-in hydraulic system lifts drums from floor level and place tnem quickly and easily for rotation on the drum turner.

The are developed to provide “hands-off” drum handling and mixing. These drum rotators will help you save time, money, and labor with easy, ergonomic loading and unloading and by eliminating many of the hazards of manual drum handling.

Benefits of mixing inside closed shipping drums

  • Roll drum to remix settled ingredients
  • Eliminate transfer, clean-up, and special vessels
  • Use separate drum for each batch
  • No container to purge between batches
  • Nothing to insert into drum to mix


Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers are Easy to Load by Hand Truck or Hoist

Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers accept a steel drum in upright position at floor level (add Option POLY-456 to roll a plastic drum). You control the hydraulic powered drum tilt to lift the upright drum and place it down on drum rotator wheels. Start and stop drum rotation with a second control. You control the drum rolling speed. A 55-gallon (210 liter) drum can be rolled from 5 to 20 RPM (4 to 16 RPM on 50Hz models) as desired to thoroughly mix drum contents. Then return the drum to vertical to unload.

Drum Rotator Capacity:

  • 1,000 Lb. (455 kg) Liquid load
  • 400 Lb. (182 kg) Dry load. A shifting dry load exerts greater stress on the drum rotator than the fluid motion of a liquid load.
  • Roll steel drum: 6″ to 26″ (15 to 66 cm) diameter, maximum 40″ (102 cm) length
  • To roll a plastic drum, add Option # POLY-456

Drum Lifters for Plastic, Fiber or Steel Drum (92)

Below-Hook Drum Lifters
Lift a Drum with Your Crane

The Handles are just for placing the lifter onto the drum.

One drum lifter to do it all!

Model 92 has self-adjusting tong-like action when you raise the hook, to lift a rimmed steel, plastic or fiber / cardboard drum.

Manually center drum lifter on top of your drum and adjust it to drum width. It then grips various common types of closed head drums. Lift a drum from four-drum pallets or rows of adjacent drums.

Model 92 Drum Lifter Handles

  • Steel or Plastic rimmed drum 18″ to 26″ (46 to 66 cm) diameter
  • Typical plastic rimmed 30 to 55-gallon drum (114 to 210 liter drum)
  • Fiber drum (cardboard drum) 18.5″ to 23″ ID (47 to 87.4 cm ID), 19″ to 23.5″ OD (48.3 to 59.7 cm OD) with lever-lock
  • Steel salvage 85-gallon (322 liter) or overpack drum (NOT for plastic overpack)


Capacity: 1,000 Lb. (454 kg).
Weight of drum contents must not exceed drum manufacturer’s packing limit.

Drum Forklift Attachment

Pilot Industrial Drum Stacker

Rolling Drum