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Ergonomics in the Workplace: An Introduction

Are you looking to increase productivity from your workers? Ergonomics in the workplace, or designing of workstations to make it easier for workers to do their job without unnecessary strain or effort, increases your employees’ productivity throughout the workday. The less a worker has to bend, lean, stretch, or get up and down, the less chance of injury and the less energy expended. Avoiding worker injury ultimately saves your business money.

Industrial Supplies Make Workplaces More Ergonomic

Some industrial products that aid in ergonomics in the workplace include adjustable workstations, tables, and shelves, which all make it possible to bring the work to the worker, rather than the worker to the work.

  • Adjustable workstations. Desks and tables that are height adjustable make it possible for the workstation to be custom fit to the worker. Slide out shelves and extendable monitor arms for computers make it possible for workers to use better posture.
  • Lifts. In order to bring the work to the worker, no matter how heavy, lifts are helpful. Lifts are easily adjustable to suit workers of all sizes and to hold loads of all sizes. 
  • Tilt tables. To prevent workers from bending over their work, tilt tables bring the work closer to the worker, making it easier to see and reach what is in front of them. 
  • Pallet positioners. Once a pallet is placed on the positioner, it can be raised, lowered, or turned to make loading and unloading of pallets easier. 
  • Adjustable shelving. Items can be stored at the most convenient height with adjustable shelving.

Ergonomics Statistics Infographic from Carolina Material Handling

Ergonomic Supplies Save Your Business Money

Keeping your workers safe and healthy is important for their sake as well as the financial status of your business. When ergonomic supplies and workstations are used, your employees will be healthier and more productive. Carolina Material Handling makes it easy to apply ergonomics in the workplace. Adjustable desks, tables, and shelves, as well as lifts, pallet positioners, and tilt tables all make each worker’s job easier and safer. Shop online or call (800) 822-8833.