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Wire Decking for pallet rack storage systems provides a safe and effective way to store pallets, boxes, drums, and other material on your pallet rack. 

  • Wire decking installed on pallet rack helps improve fire safety by allowing sprinkler water to flow through the rack system.
  • Wire decking provides a safe and secure surface for the forklift operator to safely load and unload pallets onto the pallet rack.
  • Wire decks are easy to install.
  • Wire decks from CMH are in stock and very affordable.
  • Quick ship from our Greensboro, NC warehouse.  40 decks per pallet ships strapped and shrink wrap to deliver to your warehouse without damage.
  • Waterfall front and back to lay over pallet rack beam standard U Channel supports
  • CMH is proudly a stocking dealer in North Carolina for the largest wire deck manufacturer Nashville Wire Products.  Highest quality wire decks at the best price and ready to ship.


Part #DescriptionCapacityWeightPrice Each In Stock
D4246AA3A142” Deep x 46” Wide Wire Decking2,700 lb.22#$40.00Greensboro, NC
D4252AA3A142” Deep x 52” Wide Wire Decking2,700 lb.23#$42.00Greensboro, NC
D4846AA3C148” Deep x 46” Wide Wire Decking2,500 lb.24#$48.00Greensboro, NC
D4852AA3C148” Deep x 52” Wide Wire Decking2,500 lb.27#$55.00Greensboro, NC



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