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What is GSA Material Handling?

GSA stands for General Services Administration, which is a federal government agency that procures items for use by other federal agencies. GSA material handling equipment is designed for use by government agencies from the military to local law enforcement. Material handling typically refers to equipment that is designed for use in the industrial sector. A lot of these products are useful for federal agencies that serve the general public.

The GSA Benefits Society in Many Different Ways

The GSA has an important job to do for the federal government and the citizens of the United States of America. The agency works hard to supply other government agencies with cost-effective and high-quality products from reliable vendors. Equipment intended for government use has specific requirements and codes that it must meet in order to be approved for use. The GSA seeks out such products and procures them in the quantities that are required by the requesting government agency. These products are then put to use by federal agencies to carry out day-to-day procedures that offer protection, safety, convenience, and more to the public.

Common Examples of GSA Material Handling Equipment Supplied by CMH:

  • Weapon racks. For the military, law enforcement, and any other agency that uses weaponry, secure weapons racks are an absolute necessity. Weapons and ammunition must be secured and also quickly accessible when needed, leading to unique requirements for storage.
  • Wire caging. Wire cages are used for a variety of purposes from secure data centers to holding cells. Other uses include partitions, secure storage for tools and other equipment, safety, and more.
  • Military grade TA-50 lockers are intended for the storage of military gear of all kinds. Organizing gear and decreasing clutter make these items helpful in barracks and other areas.
  • Vertical conveyors. These storage units are made up of a series of bins attached to oval tracks inside a cabinet that can be called for and brought down to eye level using a computerized retrieval system. Increased organization, faster order picking, secure storage, and maximized space are just a few benefits of vertical conveyors.
  • Material lifts. When heavy equipment needs to be lifted, automated material lifts offer a distinct advantage. Less manpower is needed and workers experience increased safety when lifting heavy objects.
  • Self-dumping hoppers. Waste bins that dump themselves make work much easier and reduce trips to larger receptacles. Easily lifted by fork trucks and dumped, these hoppers ease the workload.
  • Drum handling. Avoid manually moving and pouring heavy drums with drum handling equipment. Proper drum handling equipment makes it easier, safer, and faster to manage liquids in the workplace.

Carolina Material Handling (CMH) Supplies Equipment to the General Services Administration (GSA)

When the GSA is in need of certain materials, CMH is ready to fulfill the need. The materials mentioned above are the most common types of equipment supplied to the GSA, but other material handling equipment can be supplied for use by government agencies when needed. The GSA exists to serve the people, and CMH serves the GSA. Contact CMH at (336) 294-2346 for all your material handling needs.