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Warehouse Storage Racks Ensure Worker Safety

The biggest concern when it comes to warehouse storage should be worker safety. The warehousing industry has a higher than average fatality rate when compared with other industries. Your employees are your business’s greatest asset. Keep them safe with proper use of reliable storage racks. Carolina Material Handling (CMH) supplies sturdy, safe pallet racks that have proven to be of superior quality. CMH has the experience necessary to recommend the right storage solutions for your warehouse. Not only the type of storage racks, but also the layout of the racks in the warehouse is important. For that reason, we also offer installation services. Whether your business is just getting started or you’re a seasoned businessman, you can benefit from our expertise in the material handling industry.

Inventory dictates the type and layout of pallet racks

The type and layout of your storage racks should be determined based on the nature of the inventory you are storing. Some businesses may have many different types of products, so shelving may differ from one area of the warehouse to the next. Although our pallet racks are sturdy, it is still important that the weight limits for pallet racks are taken into consideration. If too much weight is stacked up on a shelf, the rack could collapse and cause injury. The heaviest loads should be stacked low to the ground and lighter things up higher. Some inventory has special requirements, such as food that is subject to FDA regulations for storage. Storage racks have to be arranged accordingly. Plan for retrieval of the items being stored. Don’t stack things too densely if they have a short shelf life or if you may need to get to them often. Be sure forklifts and other machinery can get around between storage racks if necessary. CMH will install your pallet racks in the most strategic way possible to improve the flow of traffic in your warehouse and ensure safety.

Rack Installation should be done by professionals

We have the experience and expertise necessary to install our pallet racks properly. Proper installation is key to safe use of pallet shelving. It is important to check the weight capacity limit for the floors in your warehouse before arranging the racks. You don’t want to stack inventory too high, risking overloading the floor. There are many potential safety risks in warehouses, and we know exactly what to check for.

Inspection and maintenance of warehouse racks secures continued safety

After pallet racks are installed, it is necessary to routinely inspect them for any signs of wear or damage. Look for cracks, dents, and bends—anything that would interfere with the structural integrity of the shelving unit. Check that all shelves are at or below weight capacity. Often that is the cause for any broken or bent racks. Inspecting pallet racks and noticing problems early can prevent collapse and possible injuries. 

CMH is your pallet rack supplier and installer in one

CMH supplies pallet racks and installation services. We also break down warehouse storage racks if you are moving. Our employees have the experience necessary to install warehouse shelving correctly, providing a safe work environment for your employees. Request a quote or call 336-294-2346.

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