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Warehouse Storage Racks and Materials Handling Equipment can Reduce Worker’s Comp Liability

warehouse rackAs a business owner in the industrial sector, your workers are your greatest asset. But an employee can also be your biggest financial burden if he is injured and files a worker’s compensation claim. Your first priority at work should be to keep your workers safe and healthy for their benefit and for yours. To minimize injuries and worker’s comp liability, it is important to think about workspace layout and storage strategies.

The way a warehouse or workspace is designed can make all the difference when it comes to a safe work environment. Workers should be protected from serious dangers (like hazardous materials and machinery) as well as more minor dangers such as slipping, lifting, bending, and stretching. Industrial supplies such as warehouse storage racks and material handling equipment can help to create a safer workspace.

Warehouse storage racks improve warehouse safety

When you need to maximize storage space, warehouse storage racks or pallet racks are an ideal solution. Pallet racks allow you to stack materials vertically, using less floor space. Pallet racks are a safer way to stack materials because their sturdy build can support more weight. Combine pallet racks with RackBack® panels by WireCrafters and you have an even safer storage model. RackBack® panels attach to the back of your pallet racks to keep products from sliding off the shelves. This allows you more options in warehouse design because shelves don’t have to be against walls. You can set up rows, columns, or any design that works for your business. Pallet racks make it easier for forklifts and other machinery to get around the warehouse without incident or injury.

Materials handling equipment also protect workers from injury:

  • Drum handling equipment. Drums can be extremely heavy and awkward, and often contain hazardous liquids. The use of drum handling equipment makes it easier for workers to store, lift, and pour drums without putting strain on back muscles. Back injuries are a leading cause of worker’s comp claims. Avoiding spillage of hazardous liquids is also crucial to preventing injuries.
  • Conveyers. Conveyer systems move items around warehouses without workers having to do any lifting. Products and supplies travel where they need to go automatically, reducing the risk of injury by lessening the frequency of workers moving items.
  • Lift equipment. Some items are too heavy for human hands to lift. Lift equipment is used to move these heavy objects, both indoors and outdoors. There are many different types of lifts for different uses, but all protect workers from injury due to heavy lifting.

Carolina Material Handling can help you to improve worker safety

The industrial supplies we offer at CMH are all designed to make work easier. When equipment is provided to make work easier for employees, there is less chance of injury. Fewer injuries means fewer worker’s compensation claims, which benefits your bottom line. Material handling equipment is a worthwhile investment that will save you more money than you will ever spend on the purchase. Call Carolina Material Handling at (336) 294-2346 to speak with an experienced sales associate who can recommend the best products for your workspace.

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