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Warehouse Pallet Racks and Wire Partition Options: Which is right for me?

Wire Partitions Greensboro NCWire Partitions offer many benefits

As addressed in our earlier article regarding the benefits of wire partitioning; it adds security, safety, and additional storage for your business needs. 

While Carolina Material Handling provides a multitude of wire partitions, let’s begin with wire partition options for your warehouse pallet racks first.

Rack Back Panels provide protection and safety

So you’ve chosen a racking system and now you want additional safety for your inventory? Carolina Material Handling has rack back panels that bolt directly to your pallet rack uprights. These panels provide a protective fence between your product and the often long fall to the warehouse floor. It also protects your workers from falling while on the racking systems. Easy to install, these panels are built with durable welded angle frames.

Warehouse Pallet Rack Enclosures

Have high dollar inventory or other assets that require extra security? If you need controlled security for loss prevention and compliance, pallet rack enclosures are the solution to your security standards. Carolina Material Handling’s wire mesh panels are easily installed and stronger than other competing systems.

So how do they work?

It’s simple. Your existing pallet racks will be wholly enclosed with wire mesh panels. Access doors are located on the front of the enclosure to control access. It’s like a fortress of wire protecting your product.

Call Carolina Material Handling for all of your storage needs

So you know why wire partitioning is important, how it benefits your business, and how it advances your pallet system in particular. Whether you need backing panel partitions or full wire partition enclosures, Carolina Material Handling has everything you need for your safety, security, and storage needs.

When it comes to wire partitioning, all of our sales specialists and employees are equipped with the knowledge to help you solve your storage obstacles with a smile and a great attitude. We provide industrial supplies to the North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia areas. Ready to take it to the next level? Request a quote or call (336) 294-2346 – we’re here to help.