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Warehouse Operations Best Practices

Material Handling Equipment for WarehouseLooking for ways to help your warehouse operate more smoothly? Efficiency is the key in warehouse operations, and material handling solutions are available that can save you time and money. Consider these best practices and products to improve your warehouse operations. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder 

You have likely heard this phrase before, and when it comes to warehouse operations, it is sound advice. With the proper system in place, it can be quick and easy to find items when they are needed. Automated systems for picking include things like barcodes, RFID tags, or NFC along with mobile scanning devices such as smartphones. Also, label items clearly so that they can be read by people, not just devices, in the case of a technological breakdown.  

Organize by Priority 

Alphabetical and numerical order does make sense in some situations and is universally understood. However, organizing by priority or necessity can be much more practical. Things that are needed most often should be the easiest to access, while other items can be stored further back in the warehouse. When it comes to filling orders, organize by pick-up or shipping dates to make sure products get to customers on time.  

The Right Equipment Makes the Job Easier 

Using proper equipment for the task at hand is very important. Attempting to perform a task or job with the wrong equipment or without any equipment can lead to injury. Use scissor lifts to access high shelves and forklifts for heavy items. Drum handling equipment should be used when working with heavy drums. Conveyor systems can streamline the flow of movement for people and products. Whatever the job, material handling solutions have been created to make it easier.  

Maximize Storage Space  

Make the most of your warehouse square footage by using as much of your vertical space as possible. Pallet racks can go quite high but need to be secure. Some bolt into the floor for added sturdiness. Also, make sure the floor capacity can handle the extra weight. Cross beams and over doorway storage is another way to create more storage space in your warehouse. Store things that are not as readily needed on the higher shelves.  

Streamline Loading and Unloading with Dock Solutions 

There are many dock products that can make loading and unloading faster and safer. Dock plates make a smoother transition from the back of the truck to the warehouse floor. Automated dock lifts can be raised and lowered to match the exact height of the vehicle being loaded or unloaded. Accordion/collapsible conveyor systems are ideal for loading areas because they can be rolled into place when needed and stored out of the way when not.  

Material Handling Solutions Make Warehouse Operations More Efficient 

If you wish to save time and money, implementing the right material handling solutions in your warehouse will help you do just that. Orders can be filled faster, production will increase, and injuries can be prevented. Automated systems, state of the art equipment, storage solutions, and more are available to make your warehouse more efficient. Call Carolina Material Handling to find out what products could improve your warehouse: (336) 294-2356.