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Why V-groove Casters are a Great Choice for Commercial Plants

a photo of a v groove casterWhen you need to move industrial items from place to place within your warehouse, there are many different casters to consider. V-groove casters are wheels that are designed to run on tracks and have a groove in the wheel shaped like the letter V. These types of casters are designed so that the track or rail fits into this groove, keeping the cart on the track to allow for easy movement under a wide variety of circumstances. These V-groove casters are ideal for manufacturing and processing plants for various reasons:

  1. Can withstand high temperatures. In plants where high temperature welding and soldering is done or in food processing or any type of manufacturing that results in extreme heat, cast iron v-groove casters are the best choice. Plastic or rubber wheels would melt in such high temperatures.

  2. Durable. The cast iron make-up of v-groove casters allows them to stand up to harsh conditions where the path is not always smooth. V-groove casters stay on their tracks and move easily despite a lot of debris.

  3. Strong. Heavy duty v-groove casters can handle heavier loads than other lighter duty casters. Plants that manufacture large items such as automobiles, freight trucks, and even modular homes can benefit from the greater weight capacity of v-groove casters.

  4. Economical. Because they hold up so well in heat and rough conditions, v-groove casters are an economical option. These casters last longer and require less frequent replacement than other types.

  5. Ideal for assembly line production. In assembly line plants, v-groove casters that run on tracks make it possible for items to travel from one workstation to the next smoothly.

All the benefits of v-groove casters make them a great choice for commercial plants. Save money when you purchase strong, durable casters that make assembly line work easier. To order, contact CMH at (800)822-8833.