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Types of Weapon Racks Available

It is crucial that weapons and ammunition be stored securely for the safety of the people. Advanced weaponry needs to be in the right hands, and GSA weapon racks make sure that’s the case. GSA stands for General Services Administration, which is a federal government agency that procures equipment and materials that are needed by other government agencies in order to serve the people. Carolina Material Handling supplies Marvel weapon racks of all types and sizes.
Weapon Rack Installation

Finding the Right Type of Weapon Rack

The type of weapon rack that you need depends on a few different factors such as:

  • Type of weaponry being stored. Weapon racks are designed to accommodate specific types of weapons and accessories. You can order racks that will offer the necessary support and security for the weapons or other equipment you need to store.
  • Size of weaponry being stored. The racks are built to suit the size of the weapons being stored. Long rifles need tall cabinets whereas smaller handguns may fit in a more compact rack.
  • Number of weapons being stored. Racks are designed to hold a specific number of a specific type of weapon. Additional weapon racks can be added to accommodate the necessary number of weapons to be stored.

Basic Categories of GSA Weapon Rack Types

The different models of Marvel weapon racks are numerous. By contacting CMH and explaining your needs to a sales associate, you can place an order for the weapon racks you will need. The models available fall into a few basic categories:

  • Long weapon racks. Rifles and other long weapons are typically stored vertically with the barrel facing up. These racks are tall and include barrel supports.
  • Small weapon racks. These racks can be shorter and have a variety of configurations such as pegs, shelves, or bins in order to accommodate smaller weapons such as handguns.
  • Accessory racks. Weapon accessories such as optics, spare barrels, and other parts can be stored in racks meant to accommodate these items. Optics can be stored in such a way that they remain in focus.
  • Combination racks. Some weapon racks are designed to hold any combination of weapons and accessories.
  • Customizable racks. Marvel offers a build-your-own weapon rack option that allows you to customize it to hold exactly what you need to store in whatever combination, size, and type.

Carolina Material Handling Proudly Supplies GSA Weapon Racks to Military and Other Agencies

John L. Middleton, founder of Carolina Material Handling, is a Vietnam veteran who proudly served on the first armed helicopter unit in the Army, the UTT Helicopter Company. CMH is pleased to support the United States military and all other government agencies that serve the citizens of this country. GSA weapon racks and other material handling equipment is available to meet the needs of the brave men and women who make sacrifices each day to keep our country secure. Call (336) 294-2346 to speak with a helpful sales associate who can recommend the best weapon racks to meet your needs.