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Top Benefits of Commercial and Industrial Shelving Units

industrial shelvingImproper shelving and storage can cause many problems for your business, from inaccuracies, to production slow-downs, to costly insurance claims when accidents happen. Storing and handling your products safely, securely, and in an organized manner can save your business time and money and increase production. Industrial shelving units (sometimes called pallet racks) can help create the additional storage space you need in your warehouse to make it run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Save space. Industrial shelving units make the most of the vertical space in your warehouse, allowing you to stack items as high as the floor weight capacity can support.

  • Organization. By using storage shelving you can keep inventory better organized. Pallet racks can be arranged to allow for easy access to certain items while putting other items out of the way until they are needed.

  • Convenience. Shelving simply makes everything more convenient in a warehouse. Easy access to supplies and inventory, easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, easier to navigate machines between aisles—work is just easier.

  • Safety. When items are stored correctly on industrial shelving units it reduces the number of accidents in the workplace. Safety is increased due to organization and keeping things up off the floor. Machines can navigate more easily between aisles and inventory is less likely to fall.

  • Increased productivity. When items are easy to access and floor space is easier to navigate, workers can be more productive. Commercial shelving makes it possible for everyone to move faster and get more work done.

  • Save money. By making the most of your current warehouse space you avoid having to expand, add-on, or rent additional storage space. To save even more, consider used industrial shelving units. Used pallet racks are thoroughly inspected and proven to be of good quality before being sold.

Industrial Shelving Units Help Your Business Grow

As a business owner, growth is an important goal. You want to expand your business, gain more customers, and make more product. Industrial shelving units make it possible to expand your business without having to expand your warehouse.

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