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Top 5 Solutions for Material Storage

Material Storage SolutionsSuccessfully managing a warehouse requires proper material storage solutions. The variation of storage solutions has grown over the years, so an overview of the top material storage solutions out there will help get you started on organizing your warehouse. Read on to discover the top six storage solutions available for a more efficient business.

Pallet Racks Offer Flexible Storage Options

Without question, the most common storage solutions warehouse owners acquire are racking systems. Selective Racks are the most commonly used pallet system and are accessible from the structure’s aisle. Beams provide reinforcement and support for the pallets. Pallet racks are versatile so the system isn’t limited to one type of storage. Standard, deep reach, and narrow-aisle racking are ideal for selective racks while providing direct access to each pallet in storage.

Use Functional Shelving for Material Storage

One of the most functional storage methods available is shelving storage. Shelving is a durable, versatile, and easily adjustable option for material handling and storage. Standard options include stationary, mobile, and wire shelving with bins. Various types available include rivet, steel, wire, wide-span, and record storage. All of these shelving solutions can make warehouse life organized and efficient.

Solve Storage Security Issues with Wire Partitions

Wire partitions are necessary for safety and security storage needs. Often functioning as guard rails and providing defense and protection with storage solutions, they are valuable for medical facilities, drug and pharmacy warehouses, and record storage locations. Many options are available including self-closing, locking, and heavy duty designs.

Storage Lockers Can Prevent Material Shrinkage

If additional security is needed to prevent and reduce shrinkage, storage lockers are extremely ideal. Enclosed with welded mesh, storage lockers prevent shrinkage by reducing access to high-valued inventory.

A Solution to Consider for Small Spaces: Inplant Offices

If you are looking for office solutions, modular buildings, also known as inplant offices, offer flexibility within a limited space and affordability. Pre-fabricated structures are easy to install to solve office, shelter, booth, and project room demands.

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