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Top 5 Benefits of Wireway Husky Racks

Wireway Husky Racks photoThere are a lot of pallet racks and systems out there. It’s tough to know where to start. So what makes Wireway Husky Racks different from the rest and how can they help you store your materials?

Wireway Husky offers a line of racking systems specifically designed for material handling. From the Invincible® Rack to the Reliable Rack®, each racking system offers varied capacity and accessories to meet your needs. Exceeding OSHA standards, Wireway Husky’s racks provide a wealth of advantages.

Wireway Offers Space Saving Solutions

Pallet racking is essential for space saving storage solutions. Utilizing vertical space, pallet racks save valuable floor space while creating a safe and efficient warehouse.

Safety comes first for Racking Systems

While you’re saving space and stacking pallets, safety should be a top priority. Wireway Husky Racks are constructed of high quality materials and certified to exceed OSHA standards.

Accessibility is a High Priority for Storage Racks

Pallet racking is strategically designed so that your pallets are easily accessible by forklifts from both ends of the system and from either side. Consider this benefit when setting up your system so you can get the most accessibility out of your racking system.

Convenience is Key with Wireway

Storing your product on site while utilizing space wisely is important to being a productive and efficient warehouse. Having access to merchandise on-demand is a coveted benefit of using racking systems for storage solutions.

Wireway Specializes in Durability

Wireway Husky racks are made with high quality steel and joining materials to certify your system is a long-lasting one.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Wireway Husky Racks Today

An organized warehouse is an efficient and safe warehouse. Start reaping the benefits of Wireway Husky Racks today by calling Carolina Material Handling at (336) 294-2346. Carolina Material Handling will walk you through the different racking systems available to make your storage solutions simpler.