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Tips for Buying Quality Discount Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are a safe way to stack pallets as long as they are used properly. As with any business expense, you want to save as much money as possible on the warehouse shelving you purchase. But you also want to make sure the products you buy are of good quality for the safety of your employees and your products. Carolina Material Handling (CMH) carries pallet racks that are affordable and good quality. We have done the research and have seen the products in use for years by our customers. We even install our pallet racks if the customer wishes. If you are in the market for affordable, sturdy pallet racks, CMH can help you choose good quality products that will improve your warehouse storage.

Beware of the lowest-priced racks

If you come across severely discounted pallet racks in your search, be wary. New racks that are significantly cheaper than all the other products out there are probably not good quality and may not last as long. Poor quality pallet racks are a safety risk in your warehouse. They could collapse under the weight of the products they are meant to hold. They could be more likely to bend, rust, or break.

Buy used pallet racks from a reputable dealer

When you look into buying discount pallet racks, you often find suppliers advertising used pallet racks. With used pallet racks you can never be sure of the way they were used in the past, so buy from reputable pallet rack dealers and installers who stand behind their product.

Buying a used pallet rack instead of buying new can save your business some money. Saving money is just one benefit of buying used pallet racks over new – Pallet racks area fairly simple design and can be easily inspected for quality. A new or used system will likely function just as good as the other. Still, it is important to inspect all pallet racks before making a purchase final.

Pallet racks from CMH are affordable and safe

Safety should be the most important concern in your warehouse. The type of shelving you use is a big part of building a safe work environment. The racks we supply are versatile. They can be arranged many different ways and the shelves are adjustable to accommodate whatever size products need to be stored. CMH can recommend the best layout for your warehouse and install pallet racks that improve traffic flow and give you easy access to your inventory. Request a quote or call 336-294-2346.