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The Many Types and Uses of Light Duty Casters

Light duty casters are very versatile, in that they can attach to many different types of equipment and furniture. There are numerous types and sizes of casters that are made for numerous jobs.

Light duty casters are useful in many different industrial areas

Light duty casters are used in the industrial sector, but they are commonly used in offices, medical facilities, retail stores, and homes. In offices you find casters on chairs, rolling carts, and other furniture. In the medical field they are used on carts, stretchers, beds, chairs, and other medical equipment that needs to be mobile. In retail stores casters are used to move merchandise around the store or from store room to display. Casters are often used on storage containers for easier access. These extremely useful, affordable items make everyday tasks much simpler.

Types of casters

When it comes to choosing the right casters for a job, it is a good idea to consult a professional caster supplier. There are many different sizes of casters that attach in different ways. Casters can be attached by a stem or a plate. The attachment type you need depends upon the item to which you are attaching the caster. Some items will have a hole for a stem caster to go into. Others may not, and will require a plate attachment. The size of casters you need depends on the weight of the items to be moved. Most light duty casters are made of metal or steel for durability.

Helpful features

Casters can come equipped with brakes. This allows you to secure the item from rolling when stopped. This is extremely important for safety in all places. Another helpful feature is rotating or swiveling casters. With these you can move your item in all directions quite easily. Wheels are made of different materials that may roll well on certain surfaces. Consult your caster supplier if you need help deciding which type of wheel is best for your use.

Choosing a caster supplier

When it is time to purchase casters, you should look for a supplier with a wide range of inventory and plenty of experience in material handling. A supplier with a large inventory will be sure to have exactly what you need for your business. And an experienced supplier will be able to offer accurate advice about what products will suit your needs. Carolina Material Handling not only meets these criteria, we exceed them. We have been providing industrial supplies to Greensboro and the surrounding area since 1971. Our experience speaks for itself and our inventory is extensive. Browse online and give us a call: 800-822-8833.