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The Many Benefits of Security Cages and Wire Partitions

Do you need secure areas in your workplace? Wire partitions and security cages are useful for a number of purposes from product storage to criminal detainment to worker safety. There is a wide range of possibilities designed for many different types of businesses, including industrial workspaces, offices, law enforcement, military, retail, and more. If you’re wondering how security cages or wire partitions can improve your business, consider the following benefits.

  1. Save money. Wire partitions and security cages can save your business money in a number of ways. They are less expensive than permanent walls, they help to prevent theft of products and tools, and they decrease workers compensation claims.
  2. Increased safety. Workers are a business’s most valuable asset. When a worker is injured it costs a business money in a variety of ways including loss of skilled manpower, worker’s compensation, disability pay, and more. And when a business shows that it cares about its employees, the employees show that they care about the business.
  3. Flexibility. Wire security cages are temporary and can be moved. Without permanent walls, a business is free to rearrange the workspace as needed. When the storage area needs to be moved to a different part of the warehouse, the move is easy. Flexibility saves a business both time and money.
  4. Expandability. As your business grows, so do your storage needs. Wire cages are easy to add onto as needed, offering an affordable option for storage and security expansion.
  5. Visibility. The transparency of the wire mesh makes it possible to see exactly what is inside the security cage. No surprises, no tedious searching for items, and no security risk. You get easy, more affordable monitoring.
  6. Strength. The welded steel mesh of wire partitions and security cages is incredibly strong. It stands up to damage and is nearly impossible to break into.
  7. Compliance. All workplaces must be in compliance with OSHA and other standards. Wire cages are a crucial part of that compliance as some items must be accessible by the sprinkler system and allow for proper airflow in and out of the space.

These are the biggest, but certainly not the only benefits that security cages and other wire partitions offer to businesses. Wire partitions are a worthwhile upgrade to your business and an investment toward a successful future.

A Wide Variety of Types and Uses

  • Mobile storage cabinets. Some wire storage cabinets are smaller and roll on casters to be easily moved from place to place. They can be fitted with many different locking mechanisms so that only certain people have access to them. Tools, supplies, products, and more can be securely stored to decrease product shrinkage and keep company-owned items from disappearing. Wire mesh allows for optimal airflow and visibility.
  • Stationary storage units. Larger wire partitions can be installed to create stationary storage space for a number of uses. Bulky products, parts, and tools can be stored in larger units when not in use. Wire mesh makes each unit transparent so that it’s easy to see what (or who) is inside the security cage.
  • Data Center storage. Protecting sensitive electronic information is a necessary part of many businesses. Data storage may include anything from hard drives to cloud storage. In most cases, data storage centers need proper ventilation, which the wire mesh allows while keeping sensitive data secure.
  • Weapon racks/gun cabinets. For military or other armed government agencies, wire cages offer secure storage for weapons and ammunition. The transparency of the wire mesh allows easy visibility and air flow. Security measures are adaptable to meet the needs of the customer. Fast, secure access points can be installed to make sure weapons can get into the right hands quickly when necessary.
  • Military grade storage lockers. TA-50 lockers are made of welded steel wire mesh and can be fitted with any type and combination of locking mechanisms. These lockers can be equipped with a high-security 3-point locking system that is extremely strong to keep personal items and equipment safe.
  • Machine security. When machines with moving parts are running, it can be a safety risk to get too close. Security cages offer a much-needed safety barrier between a fast-moving machine and the workers, while still allowing necessary ventilation and climate control. When a worker does need to access the machine, the system can be shut off before anyone goes near the machine to diagnose and repair the problem.
  • Holding cells. Law enforcement, detention, and correctional facilities can use wire cages for holding cells, whether temporary or permanent. The wire mesh offers visibility and prevents access to the outside of the holding cell where the locking hardware is located. The welded steel is strong and durable. Partitions can be easily arranged to meet the size and shape of the existing space.
  • DEA Drug storage. Wire cages for DEA controlled substances meet all of the standards set by the US Drug Administration. Medical facilities, drug warehouses, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and more can rest assured that these security cages are up to code.



Types of Businesses and Workplaces that Can Benefit from Security Cages

  • Automotive Plants. The manufacturing of automobiles requires some large machinery and expensive tools. Security cages can help with safety and storage in automotive plants.
  • Warehouses. Storage of valuable products, supplies, and tools is a key aspect of many warehouses. Security cages provide versatile storage options for all types, shapes, and quantities of products.
  • Manufacturing. When it comes to the creation of any type of product, there will be supplies coming in, products going out, and storage in between. Wire cages work for a wide variety of different types of tools, machinery, materials, and products.
  • Military/Government. Military and government agencies use wire cages for weapon and ammunition storage and personal storage lockers. The visibility, durability, and mobility of security cabinets and cages is a great benefit to agencies that need quick access to secure areas in emergencies.
  • Law enforcement. Local police, state police, and other law enforcement agencies can use wire security cages for suspect and criminal detainment as well as weapon and ammunition storage. In correctional facilities, wire partitions are used for long-term security and detainment.
  • Shipping. Package delivery and shipping industries can use wire partitions and cages for secure storage of parcels in facilities and delivery vehicles.
  • Offices. Office buildings can benefit from wire caging for data center security, valuable asset storage, and other secure storage.
  • Restaurants. Security cabinets can be used in restaurants to secure non-refrigerated items both during operation and after hours.
  • Retail Stores. Wire partitions can be used to add a layer of security behind glass windows when the store is closed. Security cages can also keep products safe when in storage.
  • Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Companies. Security cages are designed to meet US Drug Administration standards for controlled substance storage.

Safety Products:

Wire panels can be used as extra safety features in warehouses and manufacturing plants to protect workers and products.

  • Pallet Rack Backing. The same welded wire mesh that is used for security cages makes excellent backing for pallet racks and other shelving. It prevents pallets, boxes, storage containers, and products from falling off the back side of a shelf. This protects products from damage and people from being injured by falling objects.
  • Guard Rails. Wire mesh can be used as a guardrail for elevated open spaces like mezzanines and also as a guard to keep the flow of movement away from dangerous areas like moving machinery or hazardous chemicals.

Security Cages are Ideal for Outdoor Storage as Well

Wire cages are not just for indoor use. Secure wire cages work well for outdoor storage of propane or gas tanks, drums, outdoor equipment, and anything that doesn’t need to be shielded from the weather. You can protect these items from theft without the expense of adding indoor, climate controlled storage space. Galvanized steel mesh is designed to be durable in all weather conditions.

A Variety of Locking Options to Meet your Needs

The type of locking mechanism you need depends on how you plan to use your security cage. In some cases, it may need to lock and in other cases just latch. You may need to lock the security cage from the outside but not from the inside or vice versa. Most of these hardware options can be mixed and matched from front to back to customize your security options.

  • Keypad entry. Employees can enter a key code to unlock, eliminating the need to carry a set of keys. Each keypad can be programmed with nearly unlimited sets of code combinations for entry.
  • Thumbprint entry. Want the quickest and easiest entry option possible? Thumbprint entry doesn’t require a key and is faster than entering a key code. Stores as many different thumbprints as needed.
  • Standard key entry and exit. This option locks and unlocks from the outside with a standard key. The inside can be locked and unlocked using a recessed thumb turn knob.
  • Thumb turn latch front. When you need the door to stay closed but not locked, the thumb turn latch is simple and easy to use.
  • Doorknob latch front. With a typical turning doorknob, this option is also a latch but not lock format.
  • Cylinder less core front. This type of locking mechanism locks and unlocks using a small format core.
  • Interior key lock back. This option allows you to lock your security cage from the inside.
  • Doorknob latch back. This option does not lock but latches and unlatches with a standard doorknob on the inside.
  • Lever handle back. An alternative to the standard doorknob, this latches and unlatches from the inside using a lever.

Various combinations of these front and back locking mechanisms are available. You can fully customize your locking and latching hardware based on your security needs.

Custom Consulting Ensures you get the Best Security Cages and Wire Partitions for your Facility

At your request, a security cage expert from Carolina Material Handling can visit your facility and offer recommendations for the best partition or cage configuration for your building. Custom fitting and installation is also available for your convenience. Wire caging can be designed to fit any space with any type of locking configuration. When security is a priority for your business, it can be hard to find the right product. CMH will make this process easier for you. Proper installation is also necessary for optimal security. For the best results allow the experts at CMH to handle the job. Improper installation could result in a lapse in security.

Carolina Material Handling Supplies Security Cages, Wire Partitions, and other Storage Options

If you’re looking for secure storage options for your facility, CMH has everything you need. All sizes of security cages including mobile and stationary, wire partitions, guard rails, storage and weapon lockers, and much more are available for purchase. Speak with an experienced consultant at CMH if you have any questions about the type of storage you need. Get recommendations and installation from experts who have been in the industrial supply business for decades. On-site assessments, competitive pricing, and versatile inventory are what sets Carolina Material Handling apart from other industrial suppliers. Call (336)294-2364 for a consultation today.