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Easy to clean and sterilize, corrosive resistant and hygienic, stainless steel cabinets are ideal for all your medical and pharmaceutical needs. More than just the strength of steel with a more sophisticated look, our stainless steel cabinets by Strong Hold meet the needs and specifications required by our customers in the medical industry. Call today, or fill out our quote form, to learn more about our product line.

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Stainless Steel Countertop Model with Multi-Storage

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Stainless Steel Corner Workstation

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Stainless Steel Clear View Model

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Stainless Steel Wardrobe Cabinet

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Shop Table with Key-Lock Drawers and Stainless Steel Topt


Industrial Storage Solutions

new-stainless-steel-double-shift-cabinet-with-drawersAre you in need of heavy duty storage cabinets for your workspace? We offer a variety of Strong Hold industrial storage cabinets, lockers, and other supplies. Our products are made of 12 GA steel, making them sturdy and durable. Whether you are just getting started designing your workspace or you need to add additional storage to your existing space, we have products that will meet your needs.

Storage cabinets

Our basic storage cabinets come equipped with solid front doors, see-through doors, and ventilated doors. The shelving inside the cabinet comes in many different layouts from a wardrobe style, to a broom closet arrangement, to multi-bin storage, drawers, and more. Some cabinets are designed to stand upright on the floor, others can sit on countertops, and others have wheels to be mobile. Virtually any type of industrial storage cabinet you might need, we make it.

Tables, carts, and other workspace solutions

new-stainless-steel-mobile-cart-with-8-inch-castersShop tables are available in different styles, some with drawers for storage. Wheeled carts make it easier to transport small loads around the warehouse. Work stations provide a space to work on projects with built-in storage for tools and supplies. All of these items are made of the same tough steel that our cabinets are made of.

Shelving units

For items that don’t need to be closed up or under lock and key, we offer shelving units of different styles and sizes. These are stand-alone shelves that are strong enough to hold heavy items if necessary, while providing easy access to these items. Some have a combination of shelves, drawers, and cabinets.

Flammable Safety storage

new-stainless-steel-broom-closet-cabinetIf necessary, we offer flammable safety storage cabinets. These are bright yellow with the “Flammable” warning in bold red print on the front. They are equipped to hold drums of flammable liquids and any other items that pose a fire risk.

Our Strong Hold cabinets provide dependable industrial storage

When you need heavy-duty industrial supplies, Strong Hold is a quality manufacturer. Our steel designs use wrap-around technology to minimize the amount of welding necessary to create a piece, resulting in stronger, longer-lasting products. Our wide range of products allow you to customize your workspace to suit your needs. Contact us or call 800-822-8833 and let us help you find solutions for your business needs.

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