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Servicing Your Dock

Warehouse loading dockDo your loading docks stay busy? With materials going in and products going out, they receive a lot of use. Do your docks receive regular maintenance? If the answer is no, you could be risking a lot, from money to productivity. Dock doors, bumpers, and edges receive a tremendous amount of wear and tear that can become full-blown damage if left unattended. It may seem as if your dock equipment is operating smoothly, until it isn’t. If an equipment malfunction causes one of your docks to shut down, productivity suffers, especially if your facility operates in and out of just one dock. The majority of dock equipment malfunctions are the result of lack of proper maintenance. This is why dock servicing is so important.

Professional Dock Equipment Maintenance Has Many Benefits

  1. Save money. Keeping your docks well maintained can save you money in a myriad of ways. Preventative measures are less expensive than equipment repairs from unexpected malfunctions. Maintenance keeps your dock doors rolling smoothly, your dock edge levelers properly functioning, and your bumpers in good condition to protect the dock and dock equipment.
  2. Save time. Downtime due to a dock equipment issue is both time and money wasted. A quick servicing will cost you significantly less downtime than a full-blown equipment malfunction. And regular maintenance equals less equipment problems in the first place, keeping your docks operating effectively.
  3. Save energy. When electrical equipment is properly maintained it runs efficiently, using less energy which also saves money. Automatic dock doors, edge of dock levelers, and lifts that are not in optimal working condition will use more electricity than necessary, making your operating costs go up. Dock seals need periodic inspection and repair to make sure air isn’t leaking in causing heating and cooling costs to rise. Regular dock servicing will keep these and other dock accessories at peak performance.
  4. Improve safety. Dock safety equipment is only safe when it works properly. Dock bumpers, dock levelers, and other safety features are there to protect people. Maintenance for these items is of utmost importance. Safety equipment not only protects your most valuable resources, your people, but also saves you money when you avoid expensive workers compensation in case of an injury.
  5. Peace of mind. You can’t put a price on peace of mind. Knowing that your dock equipment has been inspected and repaired means you can focus on business and production, not on problems that may occur and slow down progress.

Carolina Material Handling Offers Free Equipment Evaluations

If you’re unsure of the current condition of your dock equipment and other areas of your facility, call CMH for a free equipment evaluation: (336)294-2346. An OSHA certified service representative will inspect your facility and alert you to any equipment that needs repair and any item that is out of compliance with regulations. After the initial evaluation, repairs can be done where necessary and future maintenance can be scheduled to keep your docks in efficient, safe working order. Dock servicing is a worthwhile investment that will save you more than it costs you. 

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