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Scissor Lifts and Lift Equipment

Looking for equipment to help lift oversized loads and maneuver objects too heavy for the unaided human? Carolina Material Handling provides many options including scissor lifts, ergonomic lifts and stackers. You have the choice between different weight capacities, platform size and shapes, and durability. We are sure to have something that meets all your material handling lift needs.

Pallet Positioners

With the P3 All-Around Pallet Positioner, building and breaking down pallet loads has never been easier. The unit raises and lowers automatically as boxes are added or removed from pallets. Workers don’t have to bend or stretch to place boxes on the pallet. A turntable top can be added to allow the load lifts to be rotated which eliminates the need for workers to walk around the pallet. Reducing bending, reaching, stretching, and walking around to a minimum helps reduce possible injuries and increase work speed and overall productivity.

Scissor Lift Tables

We offer the most proven and versatile lineup of lifts on the market today. Our lifts provide a high level of safety, quality, durability, and ease of use that is unsurpassed and are perfect for numerous applications, from parts assembly/disassembly to pallet build up and tear down. To determine the type of lift you need, start by considering a number of factors:

  • The nature of the load, including the weight and type of material, the load’s center of gravity, and its size.
  • How you intend to load the lift, whether by rolling, sliding, or placing on and off. Each of these methods comes with its own factors to consider to ensure safety for your workers and your materials.
  • Load capacities (the amount of weight of an evenly balanced, centered load the lift can handle) and side/end loading capacities (the weight of the load over the edge when the lift is fully raise).
  • The vertical travel of the lift, based on raised height requirements.
  • The platform size based on the size of the load and your method of loading/unloading.
  • The power supply needed to manage your lift requirements, based on whether the application requires full stroke movement, up or down, or a series of incremental jogs in one of the directions, as well as the time intervals between operations, the direction and size of movements, and the total number of cycles required.
  • The controls needed, whether hand-held, foot-operated, or wall-mounted controls
  • The frequency and speed of operation. Full lifts per minutes or frequency of jogging action can determine the type of motor needed to prevent overheating.
  • The lowered height of the lift. Pit mounted units have specific requirements to be addressed.
  • Other mechanical factors, such as oversized platforms, platforms with beveled edges, portability needs, and others.

Our salespeople can guide you through choosing the best scissor lift table, based on your specific needs and concerns.

Tilt Tables

Our premium easy to use industrial Tilt Lift tables, designed to handle load centering over the base frame while raising and lowering, excel in durability, safely, and minimum downtime. These tilt tables are ideal for material handling, bin loading/unloading, parts assembly/disassembly, roll handling, pelletizing, dumping, and load upending, allowing for the positioning of loads for easier handling.

Freight Lifts

Our freight lifts are the industry standard in vertical lifts and are ideally suited for multi-level applications requiring faster speeds and high cycle rates. Their high capacity rollers, automatic re-pressurization and leveling system, as well as the free-fall arrest velocity fuses, make them safer, more durable, and more stable for accessing mezzanines, basements, and other areas. And the reliable chain drive lifting system is designed to provide long life and trouble-free service.

Dock Lifts

With capacities up to 120,000 lbs., our world-class industrial dock lifts are designed to withstand rugged outdoor use. Each lift comes with anti-skid deck plates and beveled toe-guards for added safety, and the extra structural steel support allows the lift to hold up during repeated impact, concentrated wheel, and off-centered loading, as well as high rollover loads. All of our lifts meet or exceed the requirements of applicable national safety codes. This is a must have to add to your dock equipment.

Industrial scissor lift tables are the most popular style of equipment. Not only do they offer efficiency but also simplicity, maintenance-free bushings and a long life of operation for an affordable price. Scissor lifts are made in various configurations and are easily modified by narrowing, combining, or stacking. These lifts can move loads of any size and capacity to heights of more than 20 feet. Available in pneumatic or mechanical variants as well.

Ergonomic lifts, also known as order picking raised platforms, are made of heavy duty aluminum materials. Our lifts are raised for seamless loading and unloading. They are lightweight but very durable, which makes them perfect for everyday use in inventory control.

There are several considerations to take into account when choosing which lift is the right match for your company. These considerations include travel requirements, load capacity, platform sizes and actuation.

When determining the best travel requirement you need to take into account three aspects: The lowered height, vertical travel, and raised height. You need to determine what the lowest height you will need the lift for, for example, do you need ground level operations? Figure out what the vertical travel distance is at the lowest and highest heights. And finally, what’s the maximum raised height needed for operations?

Secondly, figure out the maximum load you will need the lift to raise. You will also need to know if your products will be rolled on and off the lift. If so, you need to figure out the axle load which is the impact of rolling a load onto the platform through momentum and wheel impact which adds weight.

Next, you must determine the dimensions of the the largest load you will need the platform to raise. These sizes will help you find the correct elevating table size for the lift.

Lastly, the actuation should be considered. There are three different operations of the raised or lowered movement of the lift: hydraulics, mechanical or pneumatic. Hydraulic actuation is the most economical and provides regulated force and torque. It’s compact and can accommodate high loads. This type is not suited for hazard environments. The mechanical actuation has acute position accuracy and is the best choice for environmentally sensitive locations. Mechanical lifts are the most expensive of the three. The pneumatic actuation is also a good choice for hazard environments. It’s more affordable than the mechanical lift but the spring effect and less consistent speeds provide a less stable process. Carolina Material Handling consults with each customer to find the best lift for your needs.

Carolina Material Handling provides a great variety of industrial lifts for your consideration. Whether you need a scissor lift, ergonomic lift or other lift truck, we can help. Give one of our facilities or sales specialists a call and we will come to you.