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Save Time and Space with Warehouse Racking

warehouse rackingWarehouse racking or pallet racks allow for maximum storage capacity in a set amount of space, while still providing access to products as necessary. When strategic storage methods are used it saves time on the retrieval process as well. There are many benefits of warehouse racking from CMH.

Go vertical to maximize space

You only have so many square feet of floor space in a warehouse. If expanding horizontally is not an option, consider expanding vertically. Pallet racks are designed to provide shelves with multiple levels for storing products. The only limitations are the height of the ceiling and the weight capacity of the floor. It is important to be aware of the weight limits of the floor in your warehouse and do not stack products too high. As long as you work within these limits you can stack products on shelves to free up more floor space. It is advisable to stack lighter products on higher shelves and keep heavier products closer to the floor for safety and convenience. You should also stack by priority, keeping the products that need to be accessed sooner or more often on lower shelves.

Pallet racks make it easier to access products

There are many different styles of pallet racks that allow for ease of access and convenience. Drive-thru or drive-in racks make it easy for forklifts to drive in and out of shelving units to access products. It is important when installing pallet racks to leave enough space for forklifts to get in and out easily without risk of damage to products. Selective racks are a common style, making it possible to access many different products from the aisle. Push back racks allow for products to be stored a few pallets deep using carts. This style is best used for mass products of the same type with no expiration date since access is limited. Cantilever racks are good for odd shaped products that are not as stackable. Different pallet racking types can be used in the same warehouse based on product storage needs to save time when storing and accessing inventory.

Warehouse racking provides increased safety

Perhaps the most important benefit to pallet racking is worker safety. The top priority in any warehouse should be the safety of the workers. When pallet racks are installed and used correctly, there is less risk of injury. Stacking products too high or overloading the weight capacity increases the chance of falling pallets. Storing products too close together so that forklifts cannot easily navigate is also risky. Proper use of warehouse racking can eliminate these safety risks.

Carolina Material Handling provides industrial supplies for storage

If you are interested in purchasing pallet racks for your warehouse, Carolina Material Handling offers new and used racks of various styles. We also offer installation of all warehouse racking and will help design a custom solution for your storage problem. Professional installation is a wise choice to make sure pallet racks are installed properly. Proper installation is necessary for safe use of pallet racks. Request a quote or call 336-294-2346 to speak with a representative about warehouse racking.

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