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Safety Rules for Warehouse Material Handling Equipment

Safety is of utmost importance in warehouses and industrial work zones. Commercial material handling systems are convenient and can improve safety in the warehouse, but only if the equipment is used correctly. Used incorrectly, material handling equipment can do more harm than good. The best way to ensure safety is to establish a general set of safety rules that apply to all workers when inside the warehouse and using the equipment.  

It is necessary to: 

  1. Teach the Rules. Whenever a new employee is hired, safety training should be a part of their initial orientation. It should be mandatory that they exhibit a complete understanding of all safety rules and procedures. Whenever new equipment is added or a worker is given a new task, the new safety rules need to be taught.  
  2. Post the Rules. Safety rules should be posted in plain view where any worker can refer to them when in need of a reminder.  
  3. Reteach the Rules. It is important to continue to remind and retrain workers on the safety rules and procedures periodically.  

General Safety Rules for Commercial Material Handling Systems 

  • Think about safety first and foremost when it comes to any job. 
  • Always wear appropriate safety gear such as eye protection, head protection, gloves, safety footwear, and even coveralls when necessary.  
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. 
  • Report any hazards or potential hazards you observe. 
  • Clean up spills or messes immediately and ask for help to stand guard until the area is clean and safe again.  
  • Store items in their proper place and keep walkways and aisles clear. 
  • When stacking items, do so safely and within the proper weight limits for shelves. 
  • Always put away tools, especially sharp items like box cutters. 

When using equipment or machinery: 

  • Thoroughly prepare before using any equipment. Be sure that you think through each step of the process and make sure there is nothing in the way that could cause an issue. 
  • Use proper lifting techniques when moving heavy objects.
  • Never carry a load that is too tall to see over.
  • Do not use any equipment that you are not trained and authorized to use.
  • Whenever possible, push rather than pull material handling equipment when you need to move it.
  • Be careful around conveyers. Do not wear any loose clothing and keep hair tied back.
  • Always use material handling equipment for only the tasks it is designed for.

Increase Safety in your Warehouse with Automated Material Handling Equipment 

When automated systems and equipment are used properly, they make your warehouse a safer workplace for everyone. Material handling equipment makes tasks easier, preventing worker injury from straining or overexerting. Scissor lifts, drum handling equipment, forklifts, conveyors, ergonomic tilt tables and other machinery keeps workers safe and healthy. When it comes to commercial material handling systems, Carolina Material Handling can supply your business with whatever equipment you need. Installation is also available to get you started off on the right foot with your new items. Call (336) 294-2346 to speak with a sales associate.