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How To Properly Install Pallet Racks

pallet racking installation photoProper pallet racking installation is crucial to the integrity of the racks and the safety of the workers in the warehouse. Professional installation by an experienced team of specialists ensures that pallet racks will be safe and secure. The most important points to consider when installing pallet racks are as follows:

  • Level shelves. With teardrop style pallet racks the shelves are adjustable and can be installed at varying heights. It is important to be sure that the shelves are level so that pallets will not slide off.

  • Bolt to the floor. The upright supports for the racks are designed to bolt to the floor to keep them from tipping over or sliding when stacked with heavy loads.

  • Wire racking. Pallets will sit on the cross beams with the beams bearing the weight of the load. Wire racking can be placed between the cross beams to offer added safety for holding loads. The wire racks can help keep items from falling between the beams.

  • Shelf spacing. Adequate spacing between shelving units is important to allow forklifts and other machinery to navigate.

  • Weight limit. Each shelf has a weight limit and it is crucial that shelves are not overloaded for safety. Loading too much weight onto a shelf can cause bending and breaking of beams.

  • Height limit. Stacking shelves too high can be safety hazard as well. Follow the height limits designated by the manufacturer.

Professional Pallet Racking Installation Ensures Safety

Carolina Material Handling offers pallet racking installation services along with products. Safety in the workplace is of utmost importance, and installation by experienced professionals will ensure correct and safe installation. Quality products are also important to workplace safety. Carolina Material Handling offers the best quality pallet racking that is sturdy and will hold up over time.

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