Used Pallet Racks

Used pallet racks can mean big savings in your next project or expansion.

At Carolina Material Handling Inc., we inspect every piece that comes into our used storage facility to assure you get the highest in quality and safety when shopping for used pallet racks. Contact us today or shop online to get started.

Part# Description Capacity Weight Price
TU12-42 Used 12′ High x 42″ Deep Teardrop, Upright Frame, 3″ x 2.5″ x 14ga. Column; 21,000#. @48″: 20 currently available  21,000# 73# $210.00
TB8-4 Used 8′ Long x 3.25″ Face Teardrop Beam 3,100# Capacity per pair: 40 currently available  3,100#
Color: Orange
20# $39.00
TB9-4 Used 9′ Long x 4.5″ Face Teardrop Beam 5,350# Capacity per pair: 40 currently available 5350# 29# $49.00
TB-42” Used Husky Teardrop Beams 42” long x 3” face;  7,383# Capacity per pair  6 currently available; color orange 7,383# 18# $22.00
TB-63” Used Heavy Teardrop Beams 50” long x 3” face;  5,850# Capacity per pair  4 currently available;  color orange 5,850# 20# $22.00
RSIN12 Used 12″ Long  Row Spacer: 100 currently available  1# $5.00
U-D4846AA3C1 48″ Deep x 46″ Wide Wire Decking, 2500# Capacity per Deck: 155 Currently available 2500# 24# $20.00
D4852AA3C1 48″ Deep x 52″ Wide Wire Decking, 2500# Capacity per Deck: 0 currently available 2500# 27# $58.00
D4246AA3A1 42″ Deep x 46″ Wide Wire Decking, 2500# Capacity per Deck: 100 currently available 2500# 22# $30.00
D4252AA3A1 42″ Deep x 52″ Wide Wire Decking, 2700# Capacity per Deck: 100 currently available 2700# 23# $32.00


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At Carolina Material Handling Inc., we provide innovative solutions for all your storage and handling needs. When it comes to used pallet racks, all of our sales specialists and employees are knowledgeable and able to help you solve your storage challenges in the most cost-effective way possible.

We provide storage solutions to the North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina areas. Call us at 866-853-1105 or visit our catalog for used pallet racking pricing.




At Carolina Material Handling Inc., we supply used pallet racks to businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, Illinois, Virginia, and Georgia.

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