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Pallet Racks – What You Need to Know

 Why should you invest in a Pallet Rack system? Simple. Every business has three main issues:

  • Products to sell

  • Storage of products

  • Ability to find the products to complete the sale

pallet rack tear dropThe two that are most cumbersome are product storage and the ability to find the product in storage in the warehouse. For example, Black Friday is one of the biggest sales days of the year for retail stores. Although a portion of the products may be displayed in the store, the bigger portion has to be stored in the back or within temporary warehouses set-up on premises. The more products a business has stored the more sales the business can make. However, the business also must be able to replenish the products quickly to ensure they are always available for purchase. Storage of your products can be one of your most important business decisions.


Pallet Rack Installation Options

Pallet rack installation offers many different designs and configurations. Before you decide which type to purchase there are several options to consider:

  • Storage density determines how much product can be stored in a specified area.

  • Floor space determines the aisle width and whether fork lifts will be used to move the pallets.

  • Building height determines the height for installation of the product storage.

  • Doors and columns must be considered when planning for the pallet racks installation.

  • Product Accessibility is important to consider as some designs are better for slow moving inventory versus quick moving inventory products.

  • Product Rotation is especially important for food products. A pallet rack that offers two entry points allow products to be used in a first in, first out (FIFO) method assuring the oldest is used first.

  • Product size and weight also needs to be considered because heavier items will require heavier equipment to move them from one location to another.

Pallet Racks Safety

Of course, all businesses must also be concerned with the safety of any system they install. Frame damage or loose components are disasters waiting to happen. Plus, employees must be trained to properly load and unload products from the storage units. Warning signs are also a consideration especially in retail environments where the public may access the storage units. And you should always inspect your pallets to make sure they are not damaged as a damaged pallet can cause faulty loading and unloading.

Pallet Rack installation offers multiple configurations available to meet your every need. Big products or businesses that use fork lifts to manage their pallets, may want to take advantage of our drive through or drive in warehouse racks. Typically, made of steel, these racks offer substantial space that allow fork lifts to maneuver throughout the pallet racks. Or, if you choose to organize products by depth (instead of width), then our selective pallet racks system would be more appropriate. The selective pallet racks allows you to increase your storage density but greatly reduces the aisle space. Give us a call today at 336-294-2346.