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Pallet Racks: A Practical Solution for Storage and Customer Service

Wireway-Husky-Pallet-Rack-Greensboro--NC~~element90Do you remember the scene toward the end of the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” when a factory worker wheels a boxed-up Ark of the Covenant through a seemingly endless warehouse? Pallet racks are not new technology, but these days we have dependable, affordable, and safe pallet racking systems available for all types of industries, including warehousing, manufacturing, and retail.

The Value of Pallet Racks

Storing all your products and supplies on the ground may work just fine if your goal is to hide the Ark of the Covenant, but it’s not a good solution if you want to operate a productive business that’s responsive to your customers. No one wants a crowded, disorganized warehouse. That’s why pallet racking solutions are vital to the success of many businesses. They allow your business to have storage options that not only maximize the space available, but also make products easily available for quick responses to customer needs.

Pallet Racking Systems: What options are available?

Pallet racking provides a way to store pallets along the walls of your warehouse in ways that not only make the best use of floor space, but also allow you to store rows of pallets on top of each other. If your pallet rack system is well designed, even the heaviest loads can be supported through our racking solutions.

The most commonly used pallet systems, selective racks, are typically accessible from the aisles of the warehouse. Beams provide support for the pallets and the system allows for multiple types of storage. Selective pallet racking offers direct access to each pallet in storage. This type of pallet racking is best used for highly differentiated product lines and low turnover volume.

Many material handling companies also offer a wide variety of drive through, or drive in, warehouse pallet racking that can accommodate substantially dense storage. These structures are usually steel racks and allow a suitable amount of space for forklifts to maneuver through the bays. These bays are basically a line of stacks.

What System is best for my company?

To determine the best pallet configuration for your warehouse, first consider the types of items you store and the inventory you keep on hand, as different loading systems should be matched with specific products. Government regulations and how they apply to the products you store are also an important consideration. Your location may also require different equipment configurations.

The Right System for the Right Reasons

Carolina Material Handling, Inc., is proud to be a leader in providing dependable, affordable, and safe pallet racking systems to industries in the Greensboro area, North Carolina, and surrounding states.

Your business has at least three good reasons why you’ll benefit from the right racking system. First, you have products to sell. Second, you need dependable and safe ways to store those products. Third, and maybe most importantly, you need to have the ability to find those products easily in order to quickly complete a sale and meet customer demand.

The more products your business has stored the more sales your business can make. Also, you must also be able to replenish the products quickly to ensure they are always available for purchase. Storage of your products can be one of your most important business decisions.

At CMH, we pay close attention to the total costs and only carry pallet racking systems that are reliable, affordable, and are leaders in the industry. We offer new and used racks of various styles. We also offer installation of all warehouse racking and will help design a custom solution for your storage problem. Professional installation is a wise choice to make sure pallet racks are installed properly. Proper installation is necessary for the safe use of pallet racks.

Carolina Material Handling has the experience and knowledge to help you determine the correct choice for all your industrial shelving needs. To find out more, request a quote or call (336) 294-2346 to speak with a representative about warehouse racking. We look forward to working with you.