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Pallet Rack Safety Netting can provide added safety solutions for pallet push through prevention on your pallet rack system.  Warehouse safety is a critical part of your distribution center and warehousing.  Pallet Rack Safety Netting can help provide the following warehouse safety advantages: 

  • Pallet push through prevention (Preventing pallets or products from being pushed off the back of pallet rack or into the flue space)
  • Rack Flue Space Compliance with NFPA13 Sprinkler Systems
  • Work Area and Employee Protection from boxes, pallets, and other potential hazards
  • Prevent product loss or damage from falling off pallet rack.
  • Quickly and easily installs onto your existing pallet rack by hooks.
  • Standard size safety nets ship quickly from stock and require no install tools, installs in seconds by attaching the hooks to the rack, and is an extremely affordable safety feature to keep you warehouse safe.
  • Safety nets can fit directly into standard uprights and can be mounted on the front of the rack or the back.
  • Modular safety netting is knotless netting with small square openings to fit properly and keep products from falling and mount with simple J hooks.
  • Quick ship from our Knoxville, TN warehouse.  Typical lead time is 2 days to ship.
Part # Description Break Strength For Beam Width Weight Net Height Price Each Net
BN-JMSN-93.25 Modular Safety Rack Netting (8’ Section) 2,000 lb. 8’ 3.3# 5’ $110.00
BN-JMSN-99.25 Modular Safety Rack Netting (8.5’ Section) 2,000 lb. 8.5’ (102”) 3.4# 5’ $115.00
BN-JMSN-105.25 Modular Safety Rack Netting (9’ Section) 2,000 lb. 9’ 3.7# 5’ $120.00
BN-JMSN-117.25 Modular Safety Rack Netting (10’ Section) 2,000 lb. 10’ 4.2# 5’ $125.00
BN-JMSN-141.25 Modular Safety Rack Netting (12’ Section) 2,000 lb. 12’ 4.4# 5’ $130.00
  1. Try Before You Buy:  We can ship a sample directly to you for your review of how the safety netting can protect your warehouse rack.
  2. 50% cost savings over cable design safety netting systems because we need less parts and is much quicker and safer to install and move if needed.
  3. Installation time is much quicker with our safety hooks and standard size modular rack safety nets.
  4. NFPA compliance with national fire codes by keeping your longitudinal flue space clear that keeps your sprinklers unobstructed.
  5. Pallet Push Through Prevention is the key advantage to rack safety netting.  Helping prevent product damage, employee safety, and workplace organization.