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Materials Handling Tips: The Right Rig for Manual Materials Movement

The processes that your team uses for materials handling is critical for numerous reasons that range from the health and safety of your team to the productivity of your workplace. The protection of the materials in addition to the well-being of those handling the materials is important, and you understandably want to make the best selection possible when looking for material handling systems or equipment. There are a few important factors to think about when shopping for your equipment or systems, and these will help you to narrow down the options so that you make the best decision possible about your purchase.

The Right Rig for Manual Materials Movement

The weight of the materials

The weight of the materials is critical to your decision, and it can make the difference between investing in a manual, semi-automated or automated system. Forklifts may be needed to place the items onto material handling systems, or your team may be able to simply manually lift the products onto carts or other systems if they are light enough. The weight of the items will play a critical role in determining what is the safest handling solution for your products and for your team. Keep in mind that drops and other mishaps can damage your inventory or supplies, not to mention injure your people.

The size of the containers

Think about if your materials or supplies will be wrapped and placed on large pallets, if boxes will be transported in their loose or non-bundled form, and more. Loose items that are lighter in weight may be easier for your team to move manually, but this may not be the most productive option in certain situations. For example, bundling 100 small boxes together and placing them on a pallet to move with a forklift is far more cost-effective in many cases than using manpower to move each individual box one at a time.

Deciding which systems to invest in for materials handling is not easy to do, but it also does not have to be as overly difficult or confusing. When you focus on these points and consider how to bundle your packages for effective handling, you may be able to make a better decision about how to proceed with your handling needs.

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