Understanding Pallet Rack Safety Netting: A Quick Overview

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A warehouse is a hive of activity where there are often many different projects and tasks being done simultaneously. This buzz of activity means that it’s important to take as many safety precautions as possible to ensure that your personnel and goods are safe, and one of the most essential items in a warehouse arsenal is pallet rack safety netting. In this post, we’ll dive into the basics of pallet rack safety netting, taking a quick overview of what it is and how this simple setup can play a huge role in warehouse safety.

Understanding Pallet Rack Safety Netting: A Quick Overview

What is pallet rack safety netting?

Pallet rack safety netting is a protective barrier that helps secure items that are stacked on a pallet or pallet rack. It is designed to help prevent items from falling off the pallet, thereby helping reduce product damage and reducing the likelihood of an accident caused by something falling off a loaded pallet. It is made from strong, durable materials like nylon, wire mesh, and vinyl-coated polyester, depending on the needs of the warehouse and what kinds of materials the netting is being used to secure.

How does pallet rack safety netting work?

The netting is strategically placed to form a protective barrier around the edges of a pallet rack. The netting is designed to allow workers to see what is behind it while still offering enough support to contain items that may fall from an unstable stack or topple over if a forklift or other equipment were to knock into the pallet rack.

What are the main benefits of installing pallet rack safety netting?

The four most significant benefits of incorporating pallet rack safety netting into your warehouse safety system include:

  1. Increased personnel safety – The netting helps protect staff working around the pallet rack system.
  2. Inventory protection– With pallet rack safety netting, you significantly lower the chances of inventory damage and product loss.
  3. Compliance with certain regulations – Warehouses are held to a standard for safety, and pallet rack safety netting helps ensure you meet these standards.
  4. Reduced downtime – Accidents slow or halt productivity, so installing safety netting helps ensure you can continue to operate efficiently by reducing accident-related downtime.

If you have questions or are interested in incorporating pallet rack safety netting into your warehouse operations, reach out to our team today!

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