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Material Handling Equipment Prevents Falls



Prevent falls from the mezzanine and elevated platform areas with important material handling equipment. Carolina Material Handling offers a large variety of safety railing, guard railing and gates to help protect valuable employees and the expensive material handling equipment being used from accidents. Mezzanines and other work platforms offer significant space savings and increase the usable space in warehousing, manufacturing and fulfillment operations. However, it also requires the right safety products in place for accident prevention.

Protect Against Falls by Installing Safety Rails

When production gets busy, it is easy for workers to get involved with the loading and unloading and step right off the mezzanine edge. It is very important to have guardrails on a mezzanine to help prevent falls from the platform. There are two common ways guard rails fail to protect workers on a platform or second level over 4 feet high. Workers fall against the rail and it either can’t withstand the lateral pressure or the railing is too short and they go over the top rail. There are some factors to be aware of prior to purchasing safety rails:

1. For overall protection at the mezzanine edge, railing should be at least 42″ high with a mid-rail and toeboard to prevent anyone falling through the opening below the top rail.

2. It should be sturdy enough to withstand a lateral force of 200 pounds.

Protect your employees with a strong and sturdy safety rail to maximize safety in your workplace.

Use Access Gates to Block Edge while materials are being moved

For loading and unloading bays, access gates should block edge access from the mezzanine level while materials are being moved from the mezzanine area. Even after the load has been removed, the gate should still close off the platform edge. The edge should not be open to someone at any time for the purpose of safety. Stairs and ladders should also have a gate at the top access point to prevent accidental falls, whether the opening is at the mezzanine edge or some inner point. There are a wide variety of gates that fulfill these requirements. Carolina Material Handling offers mezzanine safety gates that meet OSHA requirements and allow for load accessibility.

Mezzanines are popular areas for manufacturing and order fulfillment centers, and their height makes it even more dangerous when an injury occurs. Accidents can happen, and it is crucial to have safety measures in place to maintain a secure environment. People can step off the edge, not realizing they were that close to a fatal step. They can subconsciously move out of someone’s way and forget there’s only air behind them. Protect your workers and don’t take any chances with the risk of falling. Utilizing the proper safety guardrails at your plant or warehouse will also improve production by providing an all around safe atmosphere.

Create a safe workplace for your employees and prevent falls with safety rails, guard rails and gates in the mezzanine areas. Carolina Material Handling Guardrails provide a large selection of safety accessories and guardrails made from galvanized steel for collision resistance and to prevent corrosion. Our rails and gates have been impact tested to provide safe and secure boundaries for the mezzanines at your warehouse or manufacturing facility. Safety is always the top priority in a warehouse and plant. Call us today to learn more about our guardrails and gates: 800-822-8833.