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Keg-Flow Span Track Answers Challenges to Greensboro Beer Industry

Stacking and handling kegs in a supply room can be a challenge. Kegs are incredibly heavy and are shaped in a way that makes them tough to store on pallets or on a conventional pallet rack system. Kegs often weigh in excess of 100 pounds which can put a significant strain on storage systems and workers alike. Needless to say, this has become an increasing challenge to being able to store these products efficiently. Rising to this challenge comes an innovative system that incorporates creative engineering and design to improve storage efficiency and productivity with a more uniform storage system. In addition to mobility improvements, this new palletized system is available for kegs. The Keg-Flow Span Track will simplify the entire handling of kegs.

Keg Flow Rack Image
Carolina Material Handling now offers these flexible systems to the craft beer industry and beer wholesalers. An article on, describes the benefits of having a new Keg-Flow Span Track in facilities that are dealing with the huge increase in SKU’s for beers over the past decade:

“Storing kegs in and of itself is not easy. The awkward shape, combined with the weight of the kegs has made storing and flowing kegs a long-standing issue in the world of beer wholesaling. But the Pickologists at UNEX are always game for a challenge and when- they set their mind to a task, there is nothing that they can’t achieve.

The craft and microbrew boom isn’t showing any signs of slowing down or stopping any time soon. Wholesalers need to either expand their warehouses or figure out how to efficiently use the space they already have. Looking to the grocery business gives us a blue print in how to handle this increased SKU proliferation”

Keg Hand Truck Photo
Wholesalers will see an improvement in order picking productivity plus will be able to reduce the amount of product storage square footage with the Keg-Flow Span Track. This efficient system addresses the issues that those in the craft beer industry and wholesale suppliers have dealt with as more demands are placed on this expanding industry. In addition, it will help reduce overall operating cost by reducing incorrect orders. Using this system along with a Sliding Keg Hook Truck allows for even more efficiency when maneuvering kegs. The “narrow aisle design” of the truck provides for easier, steadier, and faster delivery through narrow doorways and corridors. Contact Carolina Material Handling today for more information: 800-822-8833.

(Source: “Making the Beer Flow”,, 2014)