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Industrial Supply and Warehouse Racking: Managing Business Growth

warehouse rackingBusiness Growth is Good! Lacking Space…..Not So Much

Many businesses find as their company grows they can quickly outgrow their storage space. Growth is what we’re all shooting for, but now let’s solve the problems associated with it.

Reduced storage space can lead to fewer sales, decreased customer satisfaction, and inefficiencies in workflow. If your business is facing the challenge of maximizing storage space in lieu of costly expansion, warehouse racking is the adaptable solution. Carolina Material Handling is the industrial supply company that has the info you need to create simplicity out of clutter. Interested? Keep reading.

Why Warehouse Racking

Warehouse racking, or pallet racking is a durable storage aid system. While there are several variations of warehouse racking, all types allow for the stowing of materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. Whether you have too much of the right product, too much of the wrong product, or simply improperly utilized space, racking systems provide time and space saving storage, improves worker safety, and boosts productivity with easily accessible products stored on durable storage systems. If you have the space, why not utilize it most efficiently? Pallet racking is essential to most modern warehouses, delivering storage remedies that are affordable and easy to install. Sound like a solution your business can benefit from? Great, let’s keep going.

Warehouse Racking is Versatile

Today, warehouse shelving is not warehouse exclusive. It is being used in distributing companies, manufacturing companies, and even department stores. Whether you are a distributor or retail location, racking systems can provide an organized, neat, accessible, and safe display of your inventory. Carolina Material Handling is the industrial supply company with the variety and expertise to meet your specific needs. In other words, we’ve got your back. (well, more like your storage systems, but you get our drift!) Various Racking Systems Available to Serve Your Storage Needs There are more than one type of warehouse racking system. This way, storage systems are built to serve your storage purposes. The racking system you choose is dependent on your product, layout, and functional needs. Carolina Material Handling provides of a variety of warehouse racking systems including selective, cantilever, and push-back. Review what racking system is best for your business needs here. Check out our wide selection. Carolina Material Handling supplies and installs your warehouse racks for safety and convenience. Go ahead and say it, we sound pretty awesome. Want to know more?

Innovative Industrial Supply and Installation

Carolina Material Handling provides innovative solutions for all your storage and handling needs. When it comes to industrial shelving, all of our sales specialists and employees are equipped with the knowledge to help you solve your storage obstacles. We provide racking systems to the North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia areas. Ready to take it to the next level? Request a quote or call (336) 294-2346. We’re here to help!