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image002 (2) Do you strive for a more organized workspace? Organization is a key element to success for businesses. It is important to have industrial shelving systems in place so that necessary items can be located and accessed quickly when needed. But not just any shelves will do. Shelving units come in many different designs and materials. Choosing the right one for your business depends on your unique business needs.

Rivet Shelving BayIf you need: Flexibility

Then try: Rivet shelving

With industrial rivet shelving you can create very stable and accessible shelving units from a few standard parts with capacities of up to 1,850 pounds per shelf level. Rivet shelving assembles quickly and easily, nearly tool-free. Adjustable shelf heights allow you to achieve the optimal spacing between shelves to fit whatever items need to be stored. The front to back support bars allow for even weight distribution.


Mobile Aisle ShelvingIf you need: Mobility

Then try: Mobile aisle shelving

This system creates a mobile aisle by allowing you to move an entire row of shelving at once. There are two drive systems – crank-handle mechanical assist system or a handhold manual drive system. This type of industrial shelving system is ideal for archival storage, manufacturing parts & supplies, maintenance, pharmacy, weapons racks, and more. Custom configurations with many other storage options and styles available.



If you need: Breathability

Then try: Wire shelving

Wire shelving is a durable, versatile, and easily adjustable option for your material handling needs. It does not collect dust or block sprinkler systems because of the wire construction. You have the option of stationary, mobile, and wire shelving with bins. The mobile units come in a variety of depths and widths and are ideal for parts storage or small item picking positions. Wire partitions are another choice if looking for durability.



If you need: More floor space

Then try: Steel shelving

Steel shelving units are tall with shallow shelves, which allows you to optimize floor space. Open steel shelving utilizes sway braces to supply stability to the shelving unit. Industrial steel shelving is an economical option that provides open air access to your stored items. Adjacent units can share a common back or side sway brace. Closed steel shelving includes sheet metal panels at the sides and back which enclose the shelving unit for stability and aesthetics. Enclosures prevent products from being pushed off the shelves. Starter units are complete and freestanding. The adders connect to starters and share a side panel to create a row of shelving.



Widespan shelving optionIf you need: More shelf space

Then try: Wide span shelving

Wide Span Shelving is designed for the hand-loading of medium to heavy loads and is ideal for storing small quantities of a large variety of product types. It is quick and easy to assemble and can be adapted to a shelving module for any load configuration. The “Z” beam design can accommodate galvanized steel shelf panels, hanger beams for storing textiles and clothing, reinforced wire decking, or particle board.



medical record shelvingIf you need: Record storage

Then try: Record storage shelving

This one is pretty specific. If you require storage of records in mass capacity, record storage shelving is extremely helpful. This option works well for medical facilities, libraries, financial institutions, and any business that requires manual record keeping. Files stay organized and are easy to access when needed. This type of shelving uses an easy-to-assemble keyhole and rivet system for a strong tight fit. You can order record storage boxes with each shelving model. Record Storage Racks store your file boxes safely using high strength pallet racks with wire decking for high-density, vertical cube storage.

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