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Modern Storage Solutions: Industrial Shelving or Racking Systems?

When we attempt to reach maximum efficiency on our storage systems, the critical goal is organization. With this in mind, we need to integrate an effective system wherein stocks are categorized and the team can easily oversee the inventory. This is where industrial shelving plays an essential role.

What is an Industrial Shelving?

While any area can integrate a shelving system, industrial shelving is a specific type utilized in warehouses and larger storage systems. Also called storage shelving, industrial warehouse shelving come in various types, can be made of different materials like solid metal and wood, and can include wheels or mechanized shelves. Moreover, these can be assembled, moved, and utilized by people. However, the only downside to this kind of storage solution is that it is not the most heavy-duty option or the largest storage capacity.

This leads us to another type of storage system.

What is a Racking System?

Pallet racking systems work under the same principle. However, these are generally designed to be taller with more stacks and wider with deeper shelves since these can only be moved and accessed by machines like forklifts and other automated systems. That said, this shelving is made of heavy-duty materials and is recommended to be mounted to the floor or wall for safety.

Generally, industrial warehouse shelving is a more workable and versatile system for both a human workforce and machines or automated systems. Racking systems, on the other hand, can mainly be accessed by lifting machines.

How do they differ?

In addition to this, each of these storage systems is used to accommodate a particular capacity. That said, industrial warehouse shelving is an ideal choice if you don’t feel the need to use forklifts to move pallets to and fro. However, if your inventory demands specialized machinery to transfer stored units, ranking systems are better.

Why we prefer Industrial Warehouse Shelving?

It bears noting that racking systems promise a larger storage capacity, but industrial warehouse shelving also comes with a good number of benefits. Warehouse managers and manufacturers alike would opt for something more efficient and convenient to work around. That said, while racking systems are standard for commercial warehouses, they are not recommended at all times.

Here are four instances when the industrial warehouse shelving system works best:

Accessible and Long-lasting 

If your warehouse still doesn’t have any storage systems, industrial warehouse shelving systems are a considerably good investment. These are mainly made with durable materials like solid metal and mesh that offer both strength and access. Some models even come with mechanized shelves that allow for better reach.

Moreover, this storage solution allows managers to optimize available warehouse space, thus making operations move smoothly and systematically.

Versatility and customization options

Unlike racking systems that are too deep and high to reach, industrial warehouse shelving is easier to work with. Managers and workers alike can label, add partitions, and accessorized for easier identification and inspection.

This set-up also offers increased security for delicate and fragile items since workers can segregate them accordingly.

Cost-effective for smaller businesses and enterprises

If you’re only just investing in a warehouse as your storage space, it is only suitable that you choose a more sustainable option since re-arrangements are more frequent at the start. With that, choosing industrial warehouse shelves give you more leeway to decide what works. 

Pallet racking systems tend to be fastened to the floor or the wall, so this can easily make operations difficult. Moreover, racking systems require machinery to work with, which translates to additional costs for the company.

Pharmaceuticals and other quality-controlled substances

For a product that needs to be hand-picked now and then, industrial metal shelves prove to be a more efficient storage solution. Also, given the design and construction of the shelving, products are more visible and locatable.

In Conclusion – Invest in a Good Set of Industrial Warehouse Shelving

If you’re anticipating much growth in your business, investing in a storage system that optimizes space, organizes your inventory, and simplifies your workflow is your next big move. Indeed, the cost may seem daunting, but we at Caroline Material Handling can get you a good deal for your business. Feel free to reach out to us for your queries or a consultation on our products and services. 

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