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Industrial Equipment: Top Uses for Heavy Duty Steel and Iron Casters

Extra-heavy duty casters are used as a convenient way to move industrial parts around a factory, warehouse, rail yard, or shipping yard. These tough and durable strong duty steel or cast iron wheels can be used to maneuver industrial systems that are impractical to use with a forklift or towing trailer and allows for a greater dexterity and level of control. Many of the heavy load casters, which become part of key industrial equipment, even come equipped with brakes so that the load can be kept in place on the platform until you want it to be moved.

Industrial Equipment: Top Uses for Heavy Duty Steel and Iron Casters


Dollies are regularly used to move around heavy or awkward pieces of industrial systems. Heavy load casters make this task easier by lessening the amount of force that you have to apply in order to move or transfer loads. These casters can be finished with a polyurethane coating so that they do not leave unsightly tracks or scuff marks on your flooring.

Warehouse Carts

When the members of your staff must use large carts to wheel around supplies and industrial parts, you need extra strong casters that are as tough as the platform itself. Specially made heavy load casters can bear a load of up to 1,250 pounds per caster. Most carts are outfitted with one caster per corner, although two more casters can be installed for added strength and performance.


Cast iron heavy duty casters are a great option for industrial equipment like dumpsters. The cast iron can withstand considerable impact such as a garbage or dump truck repeatedly lifting the collection vessel up and down from the ground. The casters make it easy to position the dumpsters as needed at any type of a work site.


Large pieces of furniture can be outfitted with permanent moderate duty casters. This type of a setup is ideal for office spaces and commercial areas such as waiting rooms and lobbies where the arrangement of couches and chairs is frequently changed. These casters can hold up to 175 pounds each, which also allows them to support the weight of a large, California King sized bed or a large wooden chest of drawers.


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