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Industrial Casters: Tips for Choosing the Right Type

heavy duty castersChoosing the right casters is important to improve device mobility and reduce risk, but not all casters are created equally. There are many types of industrial casters to choose from, but before you decide which type to get, you need to answer a few questions about your business, devices, and environment. This will narrow down the options and makes your decision a lot simpler.

Know Your Load Weight and Go Higher: Consider Heavy Duty Casters

First and foremost, you need to know what load capacity you anticipate. Load capacities are set with ideal conditions, and not all conditions are ideal. Factors like uneven flooring, climate, and missed maintenance can contribute to less than ideal circumstances. Selecting casters that not only meet your capacity load weight but also exceed it, will ensure that your casters will perform to your expectations and last longer. In fact, you might find that light duty casters will better suit your needs. Once you have load weight, think about the floor or ground type they will be performing on.

Floor Type Impacts Your Choice of Industrial Casters

Floor types and conditions will affect your casters’ performance. Are your floors hard or soft? Flat or uneven? Considering the floor type that the industrial casters will be operating on will help you to select the right casters for your business.

Hard casters are more often used for hard floor types and soft casters are best for carpeting and other soft surfaces.

If your floor has imperfections such as cracks and breaks, that will also drive your decision. Softer casters work more efficiently on imperfect floors, while hard casters fare well on hard flat surfaces. Now that you have the floor type, consider how you need the wheels to move on the floor.

Wheel Movement: Do you Need Linear or Multi-Directional Casters?

Think about how the devices need to be moved: will they be pushed or pulled? Will you need to move them in one direction, or will you need to have 360-degree capability? Choosing casters that support your device movement is important to their overall functionality and your satisfaction.

Wheel size will also impact roll ability and operation. Larger wheels will handle heavier loads and are easier to push or pull. So keep in mind directional use and load size when selecting casters. Now, consider what environment you will be using the casters. Wheel movement and floor types are not the only factors that impact caster performance — climate matters, too.

 Climate Can Impact Caster Performance

Be sure to consider the climate or environment in which your casters will be operating in order to select the correct type. Extreme environments impact the wheel performance and finish. Casters are typically rated by climate expectations. Be sure to select the appropriate rating for the climate they will be operating in.

Do You Need Heavy Duty Casters? Whatever Your Need, CMH can Help

If you have answers to some or all of the questions, or you have more questions, Carolina Material Handling can help you ensure you make the right industrial caster selection. Whether you need standard industrial casters or heavy duty casters, Carolina Material Handling has what you need for your safety and performance needs.

All of our sales specialists and employees are equipped with all of the knowledge to help you through the selection process. We provide industrial casters, v-groove casters and heavy duty casters to the North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia areas. Call us at today at (336) 294-2346.