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Improve Quality with Material Handling Equipment in Greensboro

When a manufacturing business is operating efficiently, the bottom line is improved. One way to increase productivity is by using durable and dependable material handling equipment in Greensboro plus properly training employees in their usage and safety. With the right equipment and systems in place, manufacturing and production processes work efficiently and expertly produce and store the end product. Carolina Material Handling supplies businesses with a wide variety of material handling equipment designed to improve efficiency, maximize safety and support production needs. According to, material handling is a business area that offers solutions for safe and proper handling and storage:

Properly defined, material handling is the field concerned with pragmatic solutions to problems involving the movement, storage in a plant, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the processes of cleaning, preparation, manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal of all related materials, goods and their packaging.”

Avoid injuries with material handling equipment safety training

On the job injuries or accidents can be prevented with safety training. Designated areas for chemical storage, flammable material cabinets, cable protectors and an emergency eye wash center are a few of the safety equipment products offered by Carolina Material Handling. Training employees on when and how to use the various safety measures will provide a safer workplace for greater efficiency. Personal safety and the safety of others should be considered when training employees on important safety information, according to

The training of employees on safe material handling should not only focus on their personal safety, but also on the safety of those around them. A good example of this is moving a bunk of lumber from one location to another using a forklift. It’s a good practice to have the forklift driver beep their horn several times as they move to alert those around them. Finished components can be challenging to maneuver; having a company policy that employees not engaged in the handling are clear of the area is a good way to avoid injuries in the event a component moves in an unexpected manner.”

Follow forklift safety measures to prevent production delays

Proper handling of material handling equipment will increase productivity, as materials will move from one area to another with the proper procedures in place. Forklift safety precautions are especially necessary to follow so materials do not slip off the forklift and cause damage or production delays. As advises:

The most important area to focus on with forklift operator training is in handling component packages from the production area to storage and from storage to transport.”

Use pallets and racks to keep materials dry and off the ground

Take a huge step towards improved quality within your storage facility or warehouse by using organized pallets and racks to keep materials off the ground so they will stay dry. Damaged raw materials slow down production, and this can be avoided with the proper use of pallets and racks for storage. Carolina Material Handling in Greensboro provides racks, pallets, and equipment to keep your products and materials safe and protected. Dry storage for finished goods is vital to the quality of the products:

For forklift operators, taking care of finished goods is as important as carefully handling raw materials. Just as with raw materials, it’s a good idea to keep finished components off the ground.”

Following safety procedures will improve the quality of your products. Using material handling equipment in Greensboro enables you to set up the best configuration for storage and handling to create seamless processes and safe movement of materials. Contact Carolina Material Handling to learn more about our safety handling equipment: 800-822-8833.

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