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How Conveyors Keep your Warehouse Running Smoothly

Roller Bed Conveyors | Carolina Material HandlingWhen conveyors became popular, they revolutionized warehouses and plants for one specific reason: they keep things moving. Flow of movement, or the lack of it, can be a great help or a great hindrance to productivity. It’s also sometimes necessary for workers or objects to move from one area to another. An industrial conveyor makes it possible to move materials quickly and efficiently. There are many different types of conveyors and Carolina Material Handling carries a wide variety of them to suit numerous configurations.  

Slider Belt Conveyors

These conveyors are electrically powered and consist of a belt that rotates over rollers. Belt conveyors are designed to be semi-permanently installed, meaning they are not intended for daily movement but can be relocated if necessary. Items and cartons of a wide range of shapes and sizes can be moved along easily. This is the most cost-effective power industrial conveyor system. 

Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity conveyors consist of rollers that turn manually as something is rolled over them. Installed at an angle, once a box or other item is given a push, it will travel independently on the rollers until it is received on the other end. Gravity belt conveyors are ideal for unloading trucks, product retrieval from storage, and assembly lines. They can also be fitted with casters in order to be mobile. With no power necessary, gravity conveyors are the most affordable option.  

Power Roller Conveyors

In this case, the rollers are powered by either a belt or chain underneath. The rollers are automatically driven to move items along, making them ideal for side loading. Accordion roller conveyors are great for small spaces, as they can expand and collapse to fit the task at hand. Roller conveyors are also typically on casters to be easily rolled from place to place.  

Telescopic Conveyors

As the name suggests, telescopic conveyors extend and retract as needed to reach whatever needs to be moved. Telescopic conveyors also move items along on a belt, which means they are semi-permanently installed.  

Conveyor Stands. 

These offer support for roller conveyors. The tripod design lifts and lowers a conveyor system as needed. When you need to quickly install a temporary gravity conveyor, these stands make it possible. Set them up quickly, move your product, and then remove them until you need a conveyor system again.  

Carolina Material Handling Offers Free On-Site Estimates for Industrial Conveyor Systems 

If you’re ready to see how an industrial conveyor system could improve your business, Carolina Material Handling will visit your facility to assess your needs and make a recommendation for the best system for your warehouse. With decades of experience installing conveyors in even the most unique spaces, CMH can offer you a solution that will work for your business. You’ll see increased productivity and smooth flow of movement for both people and products. Call today to schedule your free estimate: (336) 294-2346. 

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