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When looking for industrial hoists and cranes consider Carolina Material Handling. We have many options depending on your needs. Our cranes include bridge, floor, gantry fixed and adjustable cranes and Jib cranes. Our hoists include air, chain, and drum. We can help you select what is best for your warehouse or facility.

Bridge cranes and runway systems are underhung with capacities of up to 10 tons. These cranes can be used with or without runways. They come in manual, hand geared and motorized. These cranes are your solution for versatile materials handling.

Floor cranes provide safe lifting in close quarters. These are ideal in machine shops and other places where front legs will get in the way. The lift is hydraulic and controlled by the hand pump. The lowering is regulated with a needle valve. There are optional wheels, power lifts and floor locks available as well.

Fixed and adjustable Gantry cranes are made with solid steel to provide durable service for many years. The large diameter casters allow for easy mobility from one workstation to the other. They are designed to be portable.

Jib cranes with a heavy duty pillar based mount provides a safe way to lift loads for assembly, welding or general material handling. You are given a total 360 degree rotation for added versatility. The Jib crane is constructed from steel to ensure years of seamless service. It is designed as a self-supporting crane for mounting on the floor or foundation. It also withstands stresses from bending without deflection.

Air hoists boast a heavy duty construction for durable use. They have a pendant control for exact load spotting. The air hoists come in different sizes of lifts and speeds. These are perfect hoists for automotive plants, chemical plants and rugged work environments.

Our chain hoists are high-quality and have several long-wearing features. These hoists are made with fewer parts to ensure long life and minimum maintenance. They are designed to lift loads in several different settings. They have a unique brake design that does not use ratchet or pawls like other hand chain hoists.

Drum hoists have a simple three arm design to lift 30 to 55 gallon plastic, fiber and steel drums with a top lip. These hoists manually attach to the drum lip. The drum may then be moved with the use of an overhead lifting device which is not included with this hoist. The removable arms of this drum hoist can be used as a wrench.

Whatever your industrial hoist or warehouse crane needs are, Carolina Material Handling has a solution. Call us today to go over your options. We are happy to speak with you about how we can help you.