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Heavy Duty Casters: Which Type Does My Business Need?

heavy duty casterThere are two basic types of industrial casters: rigid or swivel. These names simply indicate the possible movement of the caster.

Rigid casters prevent the device to which they are attached from making any swiveling motion. This is beneficial for devices that need to move in a linear direction or stay on some predefined or physical track.

Swivel casters, as implied by the name, allows the device to move in multiple directions. This can be beneficial for devices that need 360-degree movement.

 These industrial casters can be combined for controlled directional swivel movement depending on the device needs. Additional options for more control, such as braking are also included in heavy duty casters.

There is a Variety of Braking Options for Industrial Casters

Braking ability is achieved through locking mechanisms built into industrial casters.

The most commonly used brake locks the wheel to stop its rotation. This category of brake casters can be used to inhibit items from rolling while left on an uneven surface or while the device is unattended.

Total lock brakes are another type of braking mechanism on industrial casters. The user is able to lock both the swivel capacities of the caster and its wheel movement resulting in a completely stationary device. Using this type of brake permits full swivel capabilities when needed and full lock down when necessary.

Other casters are branded as directional lock casters. Partial braking is the purpose of this type of locking caster. The casters function as swivel casters until they are locked. Upon locking them, the casters are turned into rigid casters for linear movement only. The desired movement and braking decisions will also need to take into account the anticipated weight of the loads.

Knowing Your Weight Capacity Needs is Vital to Selecting the Right Industrial Casters

Weight is the most important factor when choosing industrial casters. Light duty casters handle up to approximately 140 pounds, while medium duty casters can manage approximately 300 pounds. With loads over 300 pounds, heavy duty casters are a must.

Heavy duty casters can support loads between 300 and 3,500 pounds. It is important to choose industrial casters that exceeds the anticipated weight as it improves operation and rollability. Choosing casters that just barely meets the expected weight can result in difficulty in controlling the device as well as reduced safety.

Knowing whether you need rigid or swivel casters, the types of braking ability, as well as load capacity is the first step to choosing the industrial casters your business needs.

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