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GSA Schedule Pallet Rack Uprights, Beams, and Crossbars


Interlake Mecalux is one of North America’s largest pallet rack manufacturers. Through our partnership with Interlake Mecalux we offer a variety of pallet racking and shelving solutions for any storage facility or warehouse. Roll-formed Selective pallet racking is the most popular and versatile racking in the industry. It offers the best solutions for warehouses with palletized products and a wide variety of goods. Interlake Mecalux Selective pallet racking is available with either bolted or welded (boltless) frames. The company’s patented beam-to-frame connection creates the most rigid and reliable structure available. Please contact our team for more information regarding your pallet racking needs.


A structural pallet rack is used when higher capacities are involved. This rack is heavy duty and can hold very heavy pallets. Made from hot-rolled structural steel, the strong components can be used in versatile configurations, such as push-back, selective pallet, drive-in pallet racking and more. They also work together with roll-form components for greater cost savings. The structural pallet racking features easy assembly and bolted connections for durability and strength. Structural pallet racking can be expanded to fit your growing needs for your palletized materials. Stock control is simplified with a structural pallet rack. Access to stored pallets is convenient, and there is flexibility in your load storage, in terms of volume and weight. The excellent quality and high performance structure leads to strength in holding the heaviest pallets. This weight-bearing capacity enables you to load large pallets for longer-term storage. A great option for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution and retail centers, the structural pallet racks are designed for optimal storage.


Teardrop style racks are the most popular and widely used style of pallet racking. This rack is in stock in several locations throughout the country, with many standard sizes available for quick-ship. The two-inch vertical adjustability and high-strength steel make this a popular choice for the versatility and fast setup. Load flexibility in both weight and volume allow for a variety of configurations. Efficient application and the ability to control stock are advantages to teardrop style pallet racking. Economical and adaptable, this rack system provides access to every pallet. When properly installed, the teardrop style pallet racking supports a variety of applications, such as warehousing, retail and industrial storage. Increase efficiency and control costs with the rack that has easily adjustable shelves. The secure mounting clips allow you to change configurations as needed so that you can store a variety of products of various sizes and weights. When inventory is rapidly needing to be restocked, this teardrop style pallet racking can be easily adjusted to meet the demand.


These quick turnovers are common in cold storage applications as well as wholesale stores, and the teardrop style pallet racking accommodates fast turnovers in an efficient and organized way. When determining the size and components for your rack system, certain factors help to determine the best fit, such as storage density, floor space, building height, and inventory accessibility.


Full-pallet loading applications often call for additional safety and support. Pallet support bars can significantly increase safety and decrease broken pallets by providing this additional support between rack cross beams. They also help support decking and undersized pallets. Made of heavy gauge steel for strength and durability.

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