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Greensboro Wire Partitions Improve Safety and Security

Wire Partitions Greensboro NCSafety issues and security problems can be diminished with the addition of wire partitions in your manufacturing facility. Carolina Material Handling offers a variety of wire partitioning, wire cages, and guard rails to increase safety and maximize space. Wire partitions are beneficial to manufacturers with warehouses because they keep your employees and equipment safe, reduce workplace accidents, organize space for growth, and theft-proof your inventory.

Keep Your Employees and Equipment Safe

Your employees will be safer when your equipment is securely out of reach within a wire partition area. Forklifts and sweepers will be located in a secure and protected area, which allows only authorized personnel to access the area and use the equipment. Keeping your employees safe, and your equipment out of the hands of inexperienced or untrained employees, will create a better warehouse environment for all.

Reduce Workplace Accidents

Accidents can occur, and wire partitions will reduce accidents since the tools, equipment, inventory racks and other machines will be located in designated areas and not within immediate reach. Guarding your machines behind wire partitions will not only help increase safety in your warehouse, but also provide peace of mind and security for your employees. At Carolina Material Handling, we also recommend bolting the panels to the back of your pallet racks to reduce accidents from falling objects. Industrial and commercial facilities use wire partitions to control access to tool crib areas and other potentially hazardous spaces. Installed guard rails create a strong barrier that can withstand a lot of force, further securing the space. Enjoy your new accident-free zone and know that the sturdy materials and safety mechanisms will protect your employees from accidents.

Organize Space for Growth

When you have a well-organized manufacturing space by using wire partitions, you can grow easily into new spaces within your existing square footage. A single wire partition panel is made of woven or welded mesh that is used inside of sturdy frames. Next, they are bolted to steel tubing posts to create a strong cage or wall. You can stack partitions on top of one another to maximize your available space, and you can use adjustable sheet metal panels for longer spaces. Building both up and out, you can accommodate large machines, tools, heavy and light inventory, as well as other equipment. If you start carrying a new product line, no worries. You can divide the space to organize the new inventory by using wire partitions.

Theft-Proof Your Inventory

At Carolina Material Handling, we also provide locks and keypads to secure specified wire cage areas. This protects your valuable inventory, equipment and other objects from theft. The use of guard rail base plates, rail lift kits, and offset columns provide a large amount of versatility when configuring your wire partitions in your warehouse. Protect your assets, create a safe and secure environment, and achieve flexibility for growth when you install wire partitions. Carolina Material Handling can help you customize your space, so it meets your needs while enhancing security features and following safety precautions. Increase safety in your manufacturing facility and create a balanced layout that has the security features that you need by contacting Carolina Material Handling today. Give us your specifications and safety information, and we will find the parts and options that will create the space that is specific to your business. We are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia with helpful and knowledgeable service representatives. Contact us with your measurements and security requirements and we will provide you with available options. Call us at 800-822-8833.